We're going to NOLA! Post 1

Friday, January 6, 2012
My boyfriend Gabe is turning 30 in April. He decided over New Years that he wanted to spend his big day in New Orleans. I LOVE NOLA! My 30th birthday consisted of an 80's themed prom party and a girls trip to Key West (which is a very foggy memory)! After he asked to go to NOLA, I started scouring travel sites and signed up for Groupon, Living Social & Daily Dibs of New Orleans.

There are a few requests from the birthday boy. 
  1. he wants to do a voodoo/cemetery tour
  2. he wants to eat authentic NOLA food
  3. he does not want me to go into crazy planner mode and set up 8 tours in our 4 day trip
So after 2 years together, he should know better than to request #3. I am trying my hardest to scale back my neurotic "Megan the Cruise Director" syndrome. With that said, one day after he stated he wanted to go to NOLA, I already purchased 2 Groupons for the trip (eeks!). My goal is to do the majority, if not all of this trip on group discount sites.

So far we have:
And with Groupon's new Clicky the wheel campaign and liking him on facebook, I scored 2 $5 off vouchers as mentioned here. That brings both tours to $21 total for the two of us - a savings of $59!

Total NOLA savings to date: $59

Groupons Clicky the Clickable Value-Wheel!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012
So upon entering New Orleans Groupon site today, I saw this sad ugly looking face on the right hand side of the page. Curiosity kicked in and I clicked clicky.
After clicking clicky, you get 1 spin per day. If you likethis poor sarcastic guy on facebook, you get 5 additional spins. I ended up scoring 2 $5 groupon vouchers. Here's the kick. I used 1 and it worked just fine. I tried to use the 2nd and it didn't go through. So I called Groupon to inquire. I spoke to 2 groupon reps and a supervisor. Apparenly, I found out about Clicky before the rest of their staff! The good guys at Groupon credited my account by $5 and jokingly stated that I taught them something that day. So I guess I was one of the first people in the US to learn about Clicky!
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