Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend Merchandise

Wednesday, September 14, 2016
I cannot believe we leave for Pairs a week from tomorrow. I say this and PANIC starts to rise. I have too many projects at work to leave behind and neither my husband nor I are properly trained (my M.O. apparently). However, I am going to put all that behind me and look forward to these wonderful 10 days with Gabe and try my very best not to micromanage our time abroad.

I was at the start line of the 2015 Princess Half Marathon when they announced the inaugural the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon. My brain instantly thought, "Oh that would be nice". Then the dates were announced "September 23-25th" which falls on the weekend of our wedding anniversary. So what's a girl to do? Text her husband at 5:30am before running a half marathon to let him know we would be going back to Paris in a year and a half. Never in a million years did I think it would happen. Thanks to hotel points and properly shopping international flights, we are headed back to Europe!

Being a veteran runDisney runner, I will honestly say that this has been a much different experience leading up to the race. Keep in mind, while this weekend has runDisney's name all over it, this is being ran by Disneyland Paris, not rD and this is their first race. The course and the race guides have yet to be released. We have bib numbers but no idea of which corral we will start in. After running the Dublin Marathon with ASICS in 2015, I learned first hand that international races are not the same as US events and you find many of these things out at packet pickup. So fellow DLP runners - stay calm and keep in mind that you are going to be running in a beautiful country and will be making history at Disneyland Paris!

Amidst the unknown, we got a sneak peek of Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Merchandise! Something I did not expect to see prior to arriving at the expo so this is a treat! Now keep in mind, this is just a preview of some items that will be available at the expo. I've seen some people complaining on facebook groups that they wished this or that was available. Disney cannot post every item. Also, if this is your first runDisney event, historically in the US races, merchandise goes quick.

The Purse:
MANY MANY MANY people on the forums have been asking about runDisney Paris Half Marathon Dooney and Bourke. The bags which celebrate race weekends are a huge collection piece for runners (disclaimer: I own a Disney DB but I don't have a runDisney one). Disneyland Paris followed suit with a bag and chose to team up with renowned French designer Barbara Rihl. This is a fun bag but I will have to see it in person before I make a decision - I really hope it comes in a cross body and if so, it will be a done deal. It features Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland Hotel, the Eiffel Tower, and a nod to Minnie Mouse’s legendary red polka dot print. If you are attending race weekend and want this bag, quantities are limited and I wouldn't hesitate to make the purchase. The purse will have a retail price of €150.


Some of the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend tech shirts are shown above. I tend not to purchase tech shirts at expos as I have over 100 at home which I am considering turning into a blanket. However, the top left shirt may be coming home with me.
What I love about this - the distances are in kilometers! The 5K will always be 5K. The 10K will always be 10K. However, I think I need a shirt that says 21.1K!
Pins, hats, and coffee mugs - I really hope there is a wine glass to make my collection!

A week before we leave, I am just as excited as I am nervous. This will be my 18th Half Marathon but I have no idea of the course, the elevation, what to expect for on course entertainment or dining around the hotels. I have never been to a Disney park other than our four in Orlando - this will be my first Disneyland experience. I recognize how fortunate and blessed I am to have a husband who loves to travel as much as I do - who didn't blink an eye when I told him we should go to Paris and run a Half Marathon. I look forward to reporting back and sharing our experiences in Paris and DLP!

Last Days of Summer - My pefect outfit for running in the heat

Tuesday, September 13, 2016
As I write this  blog post on September 13th, there seems to be zero relief in the summer heat here in Florida. I am a born and raised Floridian and I swear this has been the longest, hottest, most humid summer in memory. Then again, I say that same statement every year! We are still in the 90's with 80% humidity so imagine what July and August were like.
If you are looking into getting into running, there are plenty of tips out there - how to train for a 5K, what kind of shoes to wear, etc. However, proper apparel is one thing that tends to be overlooked. I recently took a beach run with my best friend Keri and while it was brutally hot outside, my outfit did not cause any issues. Today I want to share my perfect warm weather running outfit with you.
Ladies - wearing the right shorts for your body type is just as important as wearing a properly fitted sports bra. I have seen soooo many girls wearing shorts that are in style (too short / too tight for their frame) or too big - both of which brings an unwanted party to the shower: chafing. Aside from the length, the waist band is a big deal for me. I cannot stand anything that digs into my stomach - especially while running. However, you cannot have the band be too big or you will be pulling your shorts up while running and that is not fun for anyone. Of all the shorts I have recently tried - Brooks Chaser 5" Running Shorts are my favorite. They are the perfect fit - not too short, not too long and are a lightweight moisture-wicking material. My favorite feature of these is their waist band. It is super wide, which helps with the digging and one of the two pockets is sweat resistant which perfectly fits my iPhone 6.

Do not make the rookie mistake of wearing a dark cotton shirt in the heat. Or any cotton shirt for that matter. You need a breathable material, one that has moisture-wicking fabric and is semi-fitted. For me, semi-fitted shirts help keep me cool - plus they are my bestie on those days I feel a bit bloated. The shirt I'm wearing is Brooks Ghost Racerback in Bloom Scape - and it is ON SALE FOR $25! One of the (only) perks of being a Florida runner is taking advantage of the many Spring/Summer apparel sales that take place throughout the year. The Ghost Racerback features Brooks DriLayer® fabric and it is not only featherweight and drywicking, but it also contains a touch of linen which helps keep you cool.

While the photo's in this post do not show it, 99% of the time, you will find me wearing a hat while running. In the summer, a visor is my go to as it keeps my head cool. While many hats state they are made to beat the heat, anything that covers my scalp tends to keep to keep the heat in - which causes me to overheat. I just said heat 3 times in one sentence! Hats / Visors are great for keeping the sun off your face (be sure to still wear sweat resistant sunscreen) and protect you during the rain. Brooks Sherpa Visor is made with the same DriLayer® stretch woven fabric as I mentioned above. I usually don't leave home without headgear but on this particular day, I just so happened to forget it - and I got sunburned. Fail.

Sports Bra:
One item that tends to go overlooked when thinking about heat gear is sports bras. You've got to find one that will give you support while keeping you cool and dry. Brooks Uplift Crossback Sports Bra does exactly this. When shopping for sports bra's, I have to have some padding - or little will be left to the imagination. With the contoured cups, it is perfect for me while being modest. The cross-back is made of powermesh straps which helps with ventilation. My favorite feature is the DriLayer® Adapt bottom band - it molds to your body which gives you a personalized fit. AND IT IS ALSO ON SALE! Be sure to read the sizes before ordering - while I am always a medium, and this bra comes in sizes S-XL - it is based on cup sizes. So the medium was made for cup sizes A/B which meant I needed a Large which was C/D.

Embrace your surroundings:
Running in 100 degree heat and awful humidity can take a toll on you. I always try to find the positive in the situation, such as having a beautiful setting. While I don't get to experience running on the beach as often as I used to, it is one of my favorite things to do while visiting home - well more like running to the beach, then taking a few minutes to walk on the beach!
The most important thing you can do is hydrate. I always run with a water belt - it is like my security blanket. I have also ran with a hand held water bottle but personally wasn't my favorite. Once you get used to a water belt, it will become your new best friend. I always freeze three of my four bottles on long runs - as they will be thawed out before I get to them.

Embrace your surroundings:
Running in 100 degree heat and awful humidity can take a toll on you. I always try to find the positive in the situation, such as having a beautiful setting. While I don't get to experience running on the beach as often as I used to, it is one of my favorite things to do while visiting home - well more like running to the beach, then taking a few minutes to walk on the beach!
Enjoy these last few weeks of summer! Although I will be rocking the shorts and tank tops for a few more months, I very much look forward to running in Paris in one week! The Disneyland Paris Half Marathon weather is looking to be around 55 at the start of the race, couldn't ask for better weather. Hard to believe that time is finally here. I have been distant over the past few months on this blog - buying a new house (and refurbishing it) while traveling for work has definitely taken a toll on me - but I am glad to be getting back into the swing!

Thank you to Brooks for providing me this outfit for this post. As always, all opinions are my own. 
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