runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Series

Friday, April 29, 2016
runDisney announced today that they are starting a virtual running series and to be honest, I am surprised it took them this long. The Disney running community has been sharing their thoughts since this announcement was made. More on that in a bit. First lets talk about the runDisney Virtual Shorts Series!

There are thre 5K events taking place from May 15 through June 30. Each has a different medal - and these are not the rubber 5K medals at runDisney events. Each of the three series are based on Mickey Mouse - his yellow shoes, red shorts and white gloves. Of course there is a challenge if you register for all three where you will receive a special edition Mickey medal and a tumbler. Lastly, there is no proof of time on these events.
Yellow Shoes 5K Medal
Yellow Shoes
runDisney Virtual Running Shorts – Yellow Shoes $39
Completion Timeframe: May 15 – June 1, 2016
3.1 mile run on course of runner's choosing
Running Shorts 5K – Yellow Shoes Race Participants Receive
Commemorative Mickey's Yellow Shoes Finisher Medal*
Yellow Shoes Digital Race Bib

Red Pants
runDisney Virtual Running Shorts - Mickey's Red Pants $39
Completion Time frame: June 5 – June 18, 2016
3.1 mile run on course of runner's choosing
Running Shorts 5K-2 Red Pants Race Participants Receive
Commemorative Mickey's Red Pants Finisher Medal*
Red Pants Digital Race Bib

White Glove
runDisney Virtual Running Shorts – White Glove $39
Completion Timeframe: June 19 - June 30, 2016
3.1 mile run on course of runner's choosing
Running Shorts 5K-3 White Glove Race Participants Receive
Commemorative Mickey's White Glove Finisher Medal*
White Glove Digital Race Bib

It wouldn't be runDisney without a challenge!

Summer's ultimate running challenge - $142
Three 5Ks, four Mickey Finisher Medals, and 9.3 miles of fun!
Complete all three Running Shorts 5Ks within the scheduled dates and you'll earn the first-ever Running Shorts Mickey Series Medal and Mickey tumbler in addition to your Red Pants, Yellow Shoes and White Glove Individual Finisher Medals.

You must register for the Virtual Running Shorts Series to receive the Running Shorts Mickey Series Medal and Mickey tumbler in addition to individual race medals.
Running Shorts Series Highlights

Why I love this

Like everything in the world of runDisney, people love to hate them. I've seen a lot of negative comments around why Disney would do such a thing. People complaining that it's $40 for a virtual race which doesn't benefit a charity or those unhappy that there isn't a proof of time requirement. Worst - people making fun of other runners. Not cool people. Not cool. Stop stereotyping.

I think adding a runDisney virtual series is a wonderful thing for a few different reasons.....

First 5K Goal with Awesome Bling: Use this as a practice 5K before signing up for your first - and get really awesome bling.

Save on Travel: It's a great opportunity for those not close to Disney World or Disneyland to get some runDisney bling without shelling out tons of money for travel.

Judgment Free Zone: Virtual races are all about you and your Garmin. While I love runDisney, there are quite a few Facebook groups who have turned my stomach recently. There is so much hate - which is the opposite of what Disney is all about. Being the Running Short Series is virtual and has no proof of time requirements, you will not have others judging you. This gives those who feel intimidated to tackle their first 5K a chance to give themselves a chance to boost their ego.  However, I do beg you - if you sign up for this, get the mileage in and don't pay for it not to run it and just to receive the bling.

Get your kids involved: Children 5+ can participate. it's a great way to encourage your kids to start running.

On a side note - when I started running in 2012, I chose to register for the runDisney Enchanted 5K as my first official 3.1. I had NO IDEA what I was in store for. My friend Nicole and I got out of the car and we both nearly burst into tears. There were thousands of people around. I was so worried about what everyone else thought of me - I was a new, slow runner (still slow today). However, it was this race and the magic of runDisney that made me fall in love with running and I signed up for my next race the moment we got home. I know others feel intimidation at their first event and the virtual series would still allow runners who love runDisney and want to be part of it get their first 3.1 miles at their own pace .

Am I registering?
Probably.....As I have a massive weakness for anything inaugural when it comes to runDisney. However, over the past month I have spent a small fortune on runDisney related items between Wine Dine Half registration, Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend and paying for the travel portion of Disneyland Paris.


runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon Recap - Darkside Challenge Part II

Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Nearly two weeks ago, I finished the Inagural Star Wars Darkside Challenge - the Star Wars 10K on Saturday followed by a Half Marathon on Sunday. I have to go into this and state - I am not a Star Wars fan. Prior to this weekend, my knowledge of Star Wars was R2D2, Chewbaca and the gold person (aka C3PO). I've seen some negative reviews of this weekend so my take may be a bit different not being a super fan.
This was an earlier than normal runDisney Half Marathon. The event started at 5:00am (Princess and WDW Half both start at 5:30am). I stayed at Waldorf Bonnet Creek as part of the Marathon Weekends and used their transportation to the start.
Shirt: ASICS Emma Racerback
Shirt Design: R2D2 Distance Designs by Pamela
Skirt: Sparkle Skirts Sparkle Light Basic in Royalty Red
Shoes: ASICS Gel Nimbus 17
Bow: R2D2 by Cara Craft Corner
Headband: Halo Headband

We had to be on the bus by 2:45 and I am not a morning person. At 2:15am, my alarm clock went off which made history of the earliest alarm I've ever woken up to....however, I didn't use the snooze button  once due to fear of not waking back up.
I dragged myself out of bed, walked down stairs and headed over to Hilton Bonnet Creek to take part in the Marathon Weekends festivities. I made myself giggle when rave music and glow sticks appeared and the realization that I've been up at this same time of morning, listening to the same song, with a glow stick in my hand...MUCH different circumstance though! I grabbed a bagel and was happy to find peanut butter and honey. After I chugged two cups of coffee, I was good to go! Aside from loving everything about the Hilton/Waldorf Bonnet Creek property, their Marathon Weekends package is one that every runner would ever want. They've got specials going right now for Wine Dine Half and Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend (Marathon Weekend is as low as $149 a night if you book by 5/31!!!!). Click here to check it out.
Gelcys was also on the bus over to Epcot as well - if I have to be up that early, at least I was in good company :) You can read her recap here. My best memory from the entire weekend was being able to share the experience with her. We are both thankful for everything that ASICS has done for us, but bringing us together as friends is better than any of the perks.
After running the Star Wars 10K on Saturday, I knew R2D2 would be at the back entrance of Epcot, just before we entered the World Showcase. Being there were only two characters I wanted photos with, I made a goal to get a photo with R2D2 and Chewie during the Half Marathon. The line was about 14 minutes long according to the nice guy standing behind me. I do not wear a Garmin to runDisney races or worry about my finishing time. I was very happy to have gotten this photo.
Running through Epcot during the dark is one of the most peaceful, beautiful scenes you will see in Disney World. My photo doesn't do this justice. The entire World Showcase reflects off the lake and is so serene. I actually turn my music off during this part of the run and embrace my surroundings.
Chewbaca was located in the back entrance of Epcot (near Boardwalk) after exiting World showcase, . The line was ridiculous long but I knew I would regret not waiting. The photo above was through Disney's Photopass program, the new photo service offered at runDisney events. I have mixed emotions on this service, more on that at the end. BUT if it were not for the runDisney photopass photographers, my 20+ minute wait for Chewie would've looked like this....
After exiting Sardine Alley, my new terminology for the back sidewalks of Boardwalk, we entered Hollywood Studios. The day before was full of character photo opp's and they weren't there this time. I knew they would be elsewhere so I kept running, stopping for a very sweaty selfie first.
After exiting Hollywood Studios, the characters were in the alleyway after you pass Tower of Terror. Since I still had no idea who anyone was (where's Gelcys when you need her!), and I had gotten the majority of them the day before, I kept on running. I will say, the lines were maybe 3 people deep which is the shortest runDisney lines I have ever seen.
The sun started to rise during the miles between Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. The weather was actually pretty nice - much better than the day before. However, my lack of sleep mixed with lack of training started to really kick in here. I am not accustom to waking up this early two days in a row (nor going to bed early to make up for it). I started thinking back to when I did Dopey in 2013 and wonder how and why I would ever do that to myself. At that point, I changed to 1:1 splits around to save energy.
There were a ton of photopass photographers in this area. They are easily seen from afar - look for the green balloons. Some of my better running photos came from this race. However, quite a few photos, including my "I did it" photo at the end with my two medals was missing. Sad face. I am an Annual Passholder and the gold pass has the photopass option built in. However, if you do not have the luxury of being a passholder (gold or higher), the photo prices are very expensive. I truly believe that any race - not just runDisney - should have photos built into their race registration. We pay so much to get into these races, then to shell out hundreds for a few good photos is an unnecessary expense.
The exit of Animal Kingdom had more photo opp's than I had ever seen at ANY runDisney race. I've seen quite a few people complaining (or "breaking up with runDisney") due to lack of on course entertainment. I have to argue. I've never seen so many opportunities to take photos. I didn't know how my original 20+ minute Chewbaca pic turned out so I waited in a 10 minute line for this one. I later found out - this is NOT Chewie. But still cute, and they made me look skinny so I will take it.
I also took a selfie with unaware Storm Troopers during the wait. It was at this point that I realized I may have a crush on Storm Troopers. I made up my mind that we would be going to Hollywood Studios later that day instead of the scheduled Magic Kingdom.
After exiting Animal Kingdom, I knew regardless if I walked the rest of the way, I would be OK and not be swept. People were still entering the park, many miles behind us. Then I saw the Balloon ladies and the sweepers - I quickly redid my math but knew I was still fine. I was not doing so well at this point and switched to 30:30 splits.
I did not take any other photos - I wasn't thrilled about running through ESPN again but was shocked once inside. The crowd was AMAZING. I know this isn't NYC Marathon but in my mind, I pretended like I was back, running down 1st Ave. They were loud, signs everywhere and that gave me the energy to keep going the last mile of the race.

In hindsight, I am glad I got the photo above as I didn't think my photo of me at the finish would be gone forever. I do plea to runDisney, with this new service, we should have a way to find missing photos like we had when marathonfoto was in charge. The new service is a bit expensive and not getting a finishers photo is a major let down.

Would I do this race again? Probably not.....never say never though. I am not a Star Wars fan and I mentally lost on a lot of the photo stops that had scenes and no characters. But overall, I had a great time. I do hope that next year, they will have a better handle on the transportation back to Epcot.

Guy Fieri 's Pig and Anchor Bar-B-Que now on board select Carnival Cruise Ships

Thursday, April 21, 2016
Some delicious exciting news came out of Port Canaveral yesterday! Carnival Cruise Line and the Canaveral Port Authority welcomed the Carnival Magic to the Space Coast. I had an opportunity to tour the ship and see the amazing multi-million-dollar refurbishments made. While on board, we also attended the official grand opening of Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse designed by Food Network star Guy Fieri!
We were a lucky group, one of the first to try out the delicious BBQ at Pig & Anchor and I am here to say, in true Guy Fiere fashion, Holy BBQ batman, this BBQ was off the hook. I tried the pulled pork (delicious), sausage (amazing w/ a bit of heat), southern macaroni and cheese (um hello, don't they know we wear bathing suits on board - ranger danger), collard greens that would make my Grandma proud and baked beans. There was also an array of sauces to choose from.
 The Captain and his crew, along with officials from Carnival and the Carnival Port Authority gave us a unique take on a ribbon cutting - they carved a massive, six-foot-long pulled pork sandwich. Now, that's a sandwich!
Of course there was no way I would let this sandwich go to waste without taking a photo of it myself.

Here is the Pig and Anchor menu, which is available for lunch in an open-air spot (this comes at no additional cost to your cruise)
photo rights
I gave two of the sauces a try - Spicy Sriracha BBQ and Carolina #6. I went in thinking the Sriracha would be my favorite but the Carolina #6 won my vote. It was the perfect mixture of vinegar and spice.
photo rights
 There's that evilly delicious Mac Daddy Mac n Cheese. Bikini's be afraid. Very afraid.
photo rights
photo rights
photo rights
photo rights
Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse isn't the only addition made during the renovation - you will also be able to enjoy the Alchemy Bar, the RedFrog Rum Bar, BlueIguana Tequila Bar, BlueIguana Cantina Mexican eatery and Guy’s Burger Joint (also designed by Guy Fieri).

Carnival Magic is the newest Carnival ship out of Port Canaveral, joining Carnival Victory and Carnival Valor on year-round departures from the Space Coast. I look forward to sharing some information on this amazing ship over the next week so stay tuned!

Seminole Hard Rock Tampa to host Cinco De Mayo dinner

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Hey Tampa - this is an event you don't want to miss. On Cinco De Mayo, Seminole Hard Rock Tampa will host a Patron dinner at Council Oak. I will update this post with more details once the menu is posted. In the meantime, here is some general information about the event.
The Cinco de Mayo Patrón pairing dinner will be on Thursday, May 5 at 6:30 p.m. A Patrón-themed cocktail reception will kick off the evening, followed by an innovative four-course meal at 7 p.m.

The following following Patrón Tequilas will be paired with delicoius dishes prepared at Council Oak–Roca Patrón Reposado, Roca Patrón Silver, Roca Patrón Anejo and Coffee Infused Patrón Silver

There will also be a special performance by singer/musician Roberto DeBourg

Each guest who attends will receive a commemorative bottle of Roca Patrón Silver.

Tickets are $222 per person, which includes taxes, gratuity and gift bag and are available for sale by calling (813-627-6630)

Star Wars 10K recap - runDisney Dark Side Challenge Day 1

Monday, April 18, 2016
This past weekend, I participated in the inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend - The Dark Side! I must start this by saying this is a recap coming from a girl who knows nothing about Star Wars, other than distant memories of the original three movies. I learned more about Star Wars than I ever expected and had a wonderful time with friends. Since this was an inaugural event, I decided to register for the Dark Side Challenge, a 10K on Saturday followed by a Half Marathon on Sunday.
My husband and I stayed at Waldorf Bonnet Creek as part of Hilton Bonnet Creek's Marathon Weekends. My friend and ASICS teammate Gelcys (Runner Unleashed) also stayed there so we decided to run this leg of the race together. At 3:20am, my alarm went off and we left Bonnet Creek at 4am. Traffic was surprisingly light and we had about an hour between the time we arrived at Epcot to the time the race started. After saying hi to a few friends and dropping my stuff off at gEAR check, it was time to head off to our Corals. 

My Outfit:
Asics Slub Tank (currently on sale $14)
Castle Design by Distance Designs by Pamela
ASICS Gel Nimbus 17 (currently on sale $119)

The Start
The walk to the Coral was much shorter than the other runDisney 10K which we were both very thankful for. It was about a 5 minute walk from gEAR check and there were a ton of porta potties all within a short distance. I was supposed to be in Coral B but dropped back to stay with Gelcys. Plus I didn't belong in that Coral with my lack of training. 

Miles 1-2
This was a very very very humid morning. The race started at 5:30 and we were already hot before our shoes hit the pavement. Mile 1-2 took us through Epcot and a portion of Disney's Boardwalk. Inside of Epcot was one of the longest Character lines I have seen in a while - R2D2. I only wanted two character photos from this weekend - R2D2 and Chewbacca. We decided to skip R2D2 due to the line since Gelcy's already got photo with him. I knew I could take a pic with him the next day since I was running alone. With Gelcys health condition, my priority was to keep her comfortable over that 6.2 miles. We did stop for a globe selfie while in Epcot though. 
Unlike the other runDisney 10K, the Star Wars 10K took us through the opposite side of the World Showcase, through Canada and the UK. Once we exited Epcot, we saw another giant line - this was for Chewbacca. So I put him on my list for the following day as well. 

Miles 2-4
The Star Wars 10K course was very narrow exiting Boardwalk. Then I witnessed the rudest running group to date - a group of very very rude male runners came barging through the left and screaming, "real runners on the left"and pushing into people. I wasn't the only one who witnessed this as another group of friends brought these guys up to me as well. Other than those (insert your favorite rude noun here), everyone on course was polite and I was very happy when we made the turn to go into Hollywood Studios.
Yeah, I have no idea what this is other than downright frightful. Sand People and Jawa according to Gelcy's. 
The entrance of Hollywood Studios was full of character photo opps. It was by far more characters than I had seen on a runDisney course.  That thing in the photo above? Yeah, I will have nightmares for years to come. 
Storm Troopers!
When we got there, maybe 5-10 people max were standing in each line, passing their cell phones to the person behind them for a photo opp. I was happy to see Storm Troopers all around as I knew who/what they are. I did see the latest Star Wars so I wasn't a fan of them for going after BB8. See I do know something!
Darth Maul, who is a very scary looking dude. 
Since I had NO clue who anyone was, other than the storm troopers, I told Gelcys to pick out who she wanted to wait for. That thing above me will give me nightmares for years. You can tell in this pic I didn't want him touching me. 
A dirty storm trooper and a Jedi of some sort. 
As you can see in the photos, the sun started to rise when we were taking photos. We spent about 20 minutes taking photos, so we averaged about a 2 minute wait per photo. The photo below was of Boba Fett, who was Gelcys favorite. I couldn't remember his name and tried to explain who he was to my husband. I called him the Iron Man look alike with a giant T on his mask. 
Boba Fett. Not to be confused for Bubba Fat which is what I thought I heard
Once the sun started to peek through, the humidity only got worse. Plus it was very cloudy with rain threatening us all morning. We felt a few drops here and there but thankfully a downpour didn't happen.
We exited Hollywood Studios and made the turn towards ESPN Wide World of Sports. Both Gelcys and I have done the Disney World Marathon and have visions of horror every time we enter that complex. That is the longest portion of the full Marathon and it seems to never end. So both of us admitted that this was part of the new course we were least looking forward to. 

Miles 4-6
The dreaded entrance of ESPN Wide World of Sports took us both by surprise. We didn't run through the entrance as we were both dreading. Instead, we took a dirt path towards the back. If you have ran Terror of Terror, it is the same as that. I am not a trail runner and we decided to walk the dirt path to avoid my clumsiness. 

We got into the back side of ESPN and both Gelcys and I had the same thought - please for the love of god, do not make us run in the baseball stadium. We didn't, although we didn't believe it until we were outside of the complex. The course ends by taking you on the outside parking lot of Wide World of Sports. The 6.2 miles were over before we knew it.

Post Race
We collected our 10K medals, got our photos, snack box and collected my bag. This was the first time I have ever done gEAR bag check at Disney and it was so easy. I forgot my race belt in Tampa so I ran this weekend the with bare minimum gear, meaning gear check was a necessity. Moving forward I will always check a bag at runDisney events and I did not miss having a running belt on!
Transportation was a different story. My car was at Epcot, where we started the race and we had to be shuttled back. If I could change anything about this course, it would have been to start and end at the same location to avoid the line we had to stand in OR have those driving drop off our car where the finish line is and ship us over in the morning. 
We waited an hour to get on a bus. I have done both Tower of Terror and Wine Dine Half, where both courses start and end in different locations. Usually, we were on a bus with a very short wait. I loved that we had a new course but crowd frustration was at a high. I tried to outsmart the system and get Uber, but quickly learned that no outside transportation was allowed into the complex. 

Aside from the fact that I adore Gelcys, there is no way I would have been happier running the Star Wars Dark Side 10K with anyone else. She was so patient with my lack of Star Wars Knowledge. In fact, I jokingly named this weekend the Race Series of "Gelcys, who is that? Gelcys, what is that? Gelcys, how do you spell that". I was able to recognize many of the characters by the end of the weekend (although I have no idea what their history is and had to look at my Instagram to find out their names) and I may have a crush on Storm Troopers! If you aren't already aware of Gelcys story, it is an amazing one. She is a multi-marathoner with double scoliosis and fibromyalgia. Her strength and determination is better than any one I know. 

An epic Brunch at Elevage Epicurean and upcoming events

Thursday, April 7, 2016
When my best friend Keri visited me a few weeks back, we had the opportunity to check out Elevage at Epicurean for brunch. Epicurean, the upscale boutique hotel located across the street from the legendary Berns Steakhouse opened in 2013 and has taken Tampa by storm. If you're a foodie and find yourself near Tampa, take note - this is a place you have to visit.
Elevage offers an incredible Brunch Menu on Saturday and Sunday from 9am-3pm. You have a choice between a 3 course meal (starter, entree, dessert) or ordering off an a la carte menu. I chose the three course meal while Keri chose ordering off the menu. We started with an Artisanal Cheese Plate, the chef's selections with sweet and sticky garnishes and a delicious glass of chardonnay.
First Course: For my first course, I had the choice of: House Smoked Dish Spread, Snow Crab Claws, Mushroom Bisque or Biscuits & Gravy. I typically would have gone for Biscuits & Gravy but being I had three courses, the Snow Crab Claws was a lighter option. It came with a jalapeno & basil remoulade which I held onto the entire meal and contemplated taking it home - it was insane.
Second Course: For my second course, I had the choice of Shrimp & Grits, Frittata, Croque Monsieur or Sourdough Pancakes. I went with the Shrimp and very creamy Grits. It had pork belly, scallion, white wine and topped with a poached egg. WOW. I am southern and grew up on this dish. Don't tell my Grandma but this was better than hers.
Third Course: For my third course, I had the choice of Fruit & Yogurt, Artisanal Cheese Plate or Strawberry Shortcake. Since it was Florida strawberry season, I went with the Strawberry Shortcake topped with whipped cream and strawberry ice cream made in house. It was a refreshing and not overly filling dessert which was much preferred after three courses.
A La Carte: The A la carte menu at Elevage is quite large with options for everyone. Keri shocked me by ordering a burger, something I typically would get (she is a salad girl). There were two burgers to choose, the Brunch Burger w/ a fried egg, country ham and espresso mayo on top or a Juicy Lucy. Elevage gets their meat from Bern's - so I knew this burger would be amazing. Keri opted with the Juicy Lucy and I quote her "If you're going to cheat on your diet, this is how you do it". The Juicy Lucy had aged cheddar, comeback sauce, bread and butter pickles tomato.
We left Elevage with very happy yet full bellies and saw these adorable bikes at Epicurean while waiting on our car (free valet until 5pm). I had the brilliant idea to work off our brunch by renting bikes and going on the riverwalk, since this day happened to be the one where they dye Tampa's river green. Aside from a little rain, it was a perfect day.

Culinary events at Epicurean
There are quite a few upcoming events in April happening at Epicurean between Florida Blueberry Month and Berns Winefest. There are a few Bern's Winefest events that have not sold out yet (but they're going fast). My husband and I are looking forward to April 12th - Dessert, Cognac & Decadence!

Bern's Winefest events
April 12 - Dessert, Cognac, & Decadence
April 13 - Beer and Cheese Seminar
April 15 - Classic Cocktails
April 16 - B6 (Berns, Bourbon, BBQ, Bubbles, Beer, Bull)

Florida Blueberry Month & Epicurean Events
April 8 - French Wine Scholar
April 10 - Thai Hands on Cooking
April 19 - Cupcakes & Cocktails: Beth’s Blues – Chef Beth from Cloud 9 Confections prepares three juicy cupcakes bursting with fresh blueberry flavor
April 20 - Sipin’ and Supin’ – Bourbon and Blueberries with the Food Network’s Retro Rad Diva Emily Ellyn
April 24 - Yoga Buzz
April 28 - Mississippi Blues with “Masterchef” winner Whitney Miller
April 30 - Voodoo Chef Experience: Cinco de Mayo
TBD –Blueberry Cocktail Concoctions

runDisney Star Wars Darkside Challenge 10K and Half Marathon Outfit Reveal

Wednesday, April 6, 2016
I cannot believe Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend is next weekend. I am not at all prepared, trained or mentally ready for the two day Dark Side Challenge (10K Saturday, Half Marathon Sunday). The training part is no ones fault but my own. I have been very busy at work over the past few months and it's only going to get crazier. I need to get better at finding a work-life balance and making running a priority once again. #GOALS.
Everyone and their brother keeps asking me what I am dressing up as for the Star Wars Dark Side Challenge. Truth be told, I was at a complete loss from the time I registered. I grew up watching Star Wars and know the story but am not what you would call a Star Wars fan. We did go see the new one on Christmas this past year and I fell in love with BB8 but did not want to wear a white or orange shirt so that outfit was out of the question.

My friend Pamela designs adorable shirts for races so I decided on my outfit by going through her options and picked out what I thought was the cutest. So without further ado, my runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon outfit is inspired by R2D2. I am very happy with my outfit. It's cute without being too over the top Star Wars (and trust me, there will be tons of that next week).
Shirt: Emma Racerback Tank
Shirt Design: Distance Designs by Pamela
Skirt: Sparkle Skirts Sparkle Light Basic in Royalty Red
Shoes: ASICS Meta Run. Similar here
Compression Sleeves: ASICS Rally Sleeves. Similar Here
Bow: Etsy

Deciding my Star Wars 10K outfit is a whole different story. I didn't want two days of Star Wars and wanted something I could wear again. After banging my head a few times, going back and forth with Pamela via text 100 times and trying to figure out what to wear on the first day of the Dark Side Challenge, it hit me.....get my favorite ASICS shirt (the slub tank) and have Pamela put the Magic Kingdom home design on it. I will wear this shirt a ton of times at the parks - so it is a dual purpose shirt!
Shirt: ASICS Slub Tank
Shirt Design: Distance Designs by Pamela
Skirt: Sparkle Skirts Sparkle Light Basic in Majestic Magenta
Shoes: Gel Nimbus 18
Compression Sleeves: ASICS Rally Sleeves. Similar Here
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