Sushi at Seminole Hard Rock Tampa, Rock n Raw

Wednesday, February 3, 2016
We love Sushi and we love Seminole Hard Rock Tampa. Yet until this past week, I would have never thought to go eat Sushi at Seminole Hard Rock Tampa.
Rock n Raw The Sushi Joint is located on the second floor of Seminole Hard Rock Tampa, next door to Fresh Harvest. It is an open dining restaurant with a sushi bar and a communal table. Along with fantastic sushi, the menu includes something for everything - Asian noodle soups, dim sum and traditional Asian dishes with a twist.

Rock n Raw menu are available for lunch and dinner and we were excited to try Rock n Raw out for lunch!
My husband Gabe and I eat sushi about once a week and were very impressed by the selection and quality of the sushi. One thing that I loved about Rock n Raw's sushi menu was that it wasn't overwhelming. Overly large sushi menu's drive me crazy and I always end up with entree envy. Not the case here! Rock n Raw offers 9 house special rolls, Maki Roll's and Sashimi.
We ended up ordering the Double Spicy Tuna Roll (spicy tuna, avocado, tempura chips, eel sauce, spicy mayo), the Maine Lobster Roll (live lobster meat, cucumber, tobiko, salmon roe), Tuna Sashami and Conch Sashami. Everything was excellent - the Double Spicy Tuna being our favorite from the lineup.
We also tried many dishes from the Rock n Raw entree menu. As I mentioned above, there was something for everything. Chef Kim came out and spoke to us about his menu and he clearly knew his stuff. We started with Thịt Heo Kho (Braised Pork Belly) served over bok choi. The flavors were incredible and this is something I will be back to order again. 
One of the small plates we tried was Bánh xếp xốt đỏ (Red Oil Dumplings). Don't let the word red oil scare you - they were full of flavor without being overly spicy. The dumplings were full of meat and this could have been an entree for me!
Cá Mú Chiên Dòn Xốt Rược Gừng (Crispy Grouper) was a stand out dish from the entree's. The batter was a perfect match to the grouper and was flavored to perfection. This dish was served with Gai Choy, a Chinese mustard green.
I'm sad this picture didn't turn out so well because it was our favorite dish. Tôm Rang Muối (Salt and Pepper Shrimp) were head on shrimp with the best flavor I have had in any shrimp dish. I could have licked the plate (I may have done that to be honest). 

We had an incredible lunch at Rock n Raw and will return without a doubt.  

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  1. We may have to give it a shot! We tend not to stray from our go-to sushi spots, but after reading this we may need to!


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