Bistrot Chez Remy at Disneyland Paris - Europe Post 4

Monday, October 17, 2016
While visiting Disneyland Paris, we had the opportunity to have lunch at Bistrot Chez Remy. My friend Corey and I scored last minute lunch reservations and promptly told our husbands we would be eating at the rat place. Jokes aside, I love the movie Ratatouille and was beyond excited to dine at this themed restaurant.
Bistrot Chez Remy's tagline is Typical French Dining from a Rat's Point of View and boy did we get just that! But first, a background story on Corey. I "met" Corey online 4 years ago. She was one of the first people I interacted with through this blog and over the years, we maintained an online friendship. We realized we would finally have the chance to meet in real life when we both got into runDisney Paris - so we promptly booked rooms at the same hotel. Over the years, we've learned that we have a lot in common. Our birthday is 3 days apart (born the same year). Our wedding anniversaries are 3 days apart. Plus we have an equal love of all things Halloween, travel and of course, running and wine!
Back to Bistrot Chez Remy. Upon walking in, I knew we were in for an experience. For those of you familiar with the former Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground at Hollywood Studios, the size of props to human was similar to that.
The seats were made of wine corks. The table backs were made of giant plates. The umbrellas were made of cocktail umbrellas.
The attention to detail was incredible throughout the entire restaurant. Even the service bar was part of the scene with a giant can of poivre and mustard.
The champagne cork chairs were by far my favorite though. I mean - how cute are these! I need to figure out how to recreate them and replace my bistro chairs!
At Bistrot Chez Remy, the menu consists of a variation of prixe fixe menu's at different price points. They also have a wine and beer menu which we happily obliged.

Remy & Emile
The Remy Menu is €29.99 - 1 Starter, 1 Main Course, (Drink is not included)
The Emile Menu is €39.99 - 1 Starter, 1 Main Course & 1 Dessert & 1 Drink (Soda or Mineral Water)
Remy & Emile Starters:

  • Mixed leaf salad with cheese and an olive oil, balsamic and sesame vinaigrette

Mixed leaf salad from Remy and Emile Menu
Remy & Emile Main Courses

  • Cut of grilled beef, homemade ratatouille, French fries and the chef's sauce
  • Roasted cod, homemade ratatouille, crushed potatoes and a beurre blanc sauce
  • Vegetable, tofu and white bean casserole (V)

Grilled Beef aka Steak Frites from Remy and Emile Menu
Emile Dessert

  • Rum baba
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Fruit salad
  • Apple tartlet
  • Tiramisu
  • Chocolate cake with crème anglaise
  • Brie de Meaux (Rothschild Estate - Trente Arpents Farm) with vine peach jelly and fruit bread

Linguini & Gusteau
The Linguini Menu is €45.99 - 1 Starter, 1 Main Course (Drink is not included)
The Gusteau Menu is €59.99 - 1 Starter, 1 Main Course, 1 Desert, 1 Drink (Soda or Mineral Water)

Linguini & Gusteau Starters

  • Duck foie gras with a champagne sauce, violet fig jam, toasted walnut bread and salad

Premium Ratatouille from Linguine and Gusteau Menu
Linguini & Gusteau Main Courses

  • Fillet of beef, premium ratatouille, confit potatoes and a Meaux mustard jus
  • Fillet of sea bass, premium ratatouille, confit potatoes and a Gâtinais saffron beurre blanc sauce
  • Savoury vegetarian selection with premium ratatouille (V)

Gusteau Dessert

  • Truffled Délice de Favières Trente Arpents Farm (Rothschild Estate)
  • Warm tarte tatin served with vanilla cream

Ok - so is it worth the price.....This one is hard for me. I have two views on this and I am not sure if I am a fare one to judge the dining experience. 

We frequently dine at Epcot and surrounding fine Disney dining. I am accustom to spending $100 for an amazing meal there. When I say frequently, I am talking at least once a month. Our meal came out to about €100 a couple. It was good - but comparing it to my standard dining experiences at Disney World, it didn't match for what we spent. Again, it was a good meal - but not sure if I would spend €100 to dine here again.  The ambiance was awesome - I could have stayed there for years taking photos. I looked at this as an experience with friends and  - hey Megan, you are not in Epcot so get over it and go drool over the champagne cork chairs a little more. 

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  1. Great review, I feel the same way - food was OK but the company and decor was AWESOME...not to mention the wine (should have bought a bottle) - plus after walking around all morning...i needed the break! Thanks for the intro lol = can't wait to see you at the end of the year!!!! xo


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