Ji Ji Asian Kitchen on Carnival Vista

Monday, February 6, 2017
If you follow this blog, you know my love for food and trying new things. When I first dined at a Ji Ji Asian Kitchen on Carnival a few years ago, I instantly fell in love and claimed it as my favorite Carnival restaurant. To date, Ji Ji still holds this title for me.

Aside from delicious food, the family style dining at Ji Ji Asian Kitchen is what makes this my favorite restaurant at sea. It's incredibly affordable considering the amount of food you receive. For $15, each person gets a starter, an entree, a side dish and a dessert. I suggest if you go with a large party, to have everyone order something different, giving everyone a chance to try their favorite and something new. If you have a party of two, be sure to order different things.
Ji Ji Asian Kitchen on the Carnival Vista has an open kitchen so we were able to watch the chef's hard at work from our table!
I will state, my best friend is not an adventurous eater. She allowed me to order for us and ended up realizing after this trip that she loved Asian cuisine. Also, I loved the art work at this restaurant! Here's a tip - if you want a wider wine selection while at Ji Ji Asian Kitchen, ask your server for a wine list. We were able to order a bottle of La Crema Chardonnay vs. getting Kendall Jackson by the glass.
Below is a sampling of what you will receive as a party of two. You can check out the whole Ji Ji Asian Kitchen Menu here

Slow Braised Pork Belly with Caramel Chili sauce with black vinegar, Pomelo citrus fruit, Chinese chives with gorgonzola and spiced purple onions. I had this dish last time I dined at Ji Ji Asian Kitchen and it will always be a staple for me while on Carnival ships. If you find yourself at Ji Ji, do yourself a favor and order this dish without a second thought. Our appetizer was giant and we could have easily had this as an entree.
Jiaozi (Pot Stickers) Shrimp dumplings with pea shoots, radish and green apple salad. This was my first time ordering Pot Stickers at Ji Ji and they did not disappoint. This was a good dish to order having Keri with me, being they are a menu item that doesn't scare picky eaters.

Peppered Beef with Chinese Vegetable (Shen Li Ho), bird's nest, Chinese mustard, young garlic, ginger root and scallions. I asked our server what her favorite item on the menu was and she quickly answered - Peppered Beef. This is never something I would have ordered on my own. If you find yourself at Ji Ji, ask the staff what they like best and go with it - you may end up getting blown away like I did. Not only was the presentation stunning, the beef had an amazing amount of flavor, only to leave me on the mainland craving this dish a month later.
Kung Pao Chicken with Sichaun peppercorns , chiles and cashews. Not at all surprised Keri went with Kung Pao Chicken, a dish whose name she knew from other Chinese restaurants. This dish was the perfect amount of spice - not too much to burn your mouth but enough to make it water.

Hakka Style Noodles a traditional flat rice noodle. This noodle dish was perfection. I wish we were able to order it to go other nights when the restaurant was booked. It had the perfect amount of flavor and the veggies were cooked to perfection.
Himalayan Basmati Fried Rice with Chicken. Fried rice is something I am pretty picky about and this one did not disappoint. A perfect side dish to an excellent meal

Rose Creme Brulee
Caramelized Crepes with Ice Cream 

At closing, for $15 additional dollars per person, dining at Ji Ji Asian Kitchen is well worth the price.

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