An amazing getaway at Floathouse River Kwai

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Our second stop on the Thailand trip was 2 nights in Kanchanaburi to stay at Floathouse River Kwai. We got their by taking a 6 hour train ride from Bangkok to River Kwai (read about it here, and why I think you should absolutely travel this way!).  Once we got off the train, we took an open air truck cab to the marina. Our taxi driver was the nicest guy, and we ended up hiring him to take us to Erawan Falls the following day. More on that later!
After we were dropped off at the marina, we boarded a longtail boat to the floating Bungalows at Floathouse River Kwai. This was the only way to get to the resort and the boatride was quite magical. We were alone in the jungle, on a boat, being delivered to our hotel.
We arrived at Floathouse around 2pm, so our rooms weren't quiet ready. We decided to have lunch and cocktails! When our room was ready, the staff brought us our keys. Overall, everyone there was extremely polite and helpful.
Upon walking in the doors, I knew instantly that this was unlike any hotel or resort I have ever seen. Our room was huge and connected to our friends room.
We shared a deck and the doors to the deck were pocket doors, so you could have the entire space opened. The rooms AC were pretty strong and the beds had a bug net, which we absolutely needed.
Also, the beds were super comfy!
Let's talk about the shower! The showers were enclosed but also had an open window. No one could see in, but it gave you the sensation of being both inside and outdoors. Since we had connecting rooms, our showers were side by side. I was able to have full conversations with Ashley about what we were wearing to dinner, what we were doing the next day, etc. all while showering.
The deck was my "place" for the two days. I loved sitting there, watching the boats go by, or swinging with a glass of wine. One of the things we loved to do was jump off our deck and float in the water. It was a blast. The current was strong enough that we had to wear life jackets and it pulled you from your room, to the end of the resort. We probably did this 20 times. Everyone was loving it!

The onsite restaurant is where we had breakfast each day, which was included in our rooms. The breakfast options were very good. Everything from made to order eggs, omelets, incredible fresh fruit and even curry! I will admit, I ate fried rice for breakfast. We had dinner both nights at the restaurant as well. Here are a few of the things we liked the most!

The serenity of the jungle was the most amazing part of the experience. It was like living inside a sound machine. Overall, I loved our 2 days at Floathouse River Kwai. It was a good split between Thailand and Phuket. If you find yourself wanting to go to Erawan Falls, I suggest staying here. It's off the beaten path (literally).

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