This is 40

Wednesday, July 3, 2019
Two weeks ago I turned 40 years old. 40! When my parents turned 40, I remember the house being decorated with over the hill balloons and tombstones. It's honestly surreal. I don't feel 40 and I surely don't act it - but my birth certificate states otherwise. My best friend Keri and I are 11 days apart and celebrated our big day together (at a wine bar of course) along close friends and family.
When I turned 30 (which feels like yesterday by the way) I remember sitting on Keri's floor, crying my eyes out. I was disappointed at where my life was and felt like a failure. I had just gone through a major break-up. Most of my friends were married and had kids. A few months after I turned 30, I lost the first house I purchased thanks to the real estate market crash of 2007. The company I worked for from 2003-2009 had just closed it's door and I found myself over qualified and unemployable in the midst of a recession. I was lost.
In January of 2010 (six months into my 30th year), everything turned around, a full 180. On the 18th of January, I started a new (temporary) job AND had a first date that night with my now husband. A year later, that temp job ended up introducing me to the company I currently work for. The last 10 years of my life were a whirlwind. We moved across the state so my husband could go to grad school. My company had an office in Tampa at the time so it was a perfect transition. Over the years, I moved up the corporate ladder and my husband now has a great job at a hospital. We bought a house and are still remodeling it (3 years later). We travel as much as life allows us to, trying to live each day to it's fullest. I assumed by now that we would be parents, but life doesn't always end up like you expect it to.

I sit here at age 40 and can honestly say I've been through a lot. I've learned a few things over the years and life tragedies and accomplishments have helped build who I am today. Everyone says life flies by and to enjoy your youth while you can. This is 100% the truth. Life can and will change at the blink of an eye. You will likely experience many things you never thought were possible, both positive and negative. Heartbreak and health are two H words that go together more often than not. It's impossible to prepare yourself for the things you will go through in life... you've just got to know how to hold on.

While my life at 40 is completely different than I envisioned, I wouldn't change anything. I've been blessed with an amazing husband, family and friends. I can truly say I love my job and not many people can honestly say that. We take each experience, learn from it and grow from it.

So cheers to you 40 - I hope this next 10 years are my best yet. 

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