We've gone Bananas, The Gorilla Challenge Orlando

Friday, May 25, 2012
I am starting to notice that I am writing more about running and upcoming races than anything else. Could it possibly be that I am turning into a legit runner!? When and how did this happen.

While I have mentioned in the past that I am not one who likes to get dirty or muddy in races (more power to the mudders!), I am all about some massive competition. When I heard about the Orlando Gorilla Challenge which supports Habitat for Humanity Orlando, I instantly alerted my North Highland Orlando office. We decided to sign up with at least two teams, a competitive team and a fun team (you know which one I am captain of!).

The Gorilla Challenge is a race that will test your power with hidden clues around Orlando and test your body with crazy obstacles. It is an Amazing Race / Fear Factor style event which encourages teams to cress in crazy costumes. We will start at Hard Rock Universal and receive our first set of clues from the MC. The clues point in different directions within a 3-5 mile radius. Once you get to the location, you receive another slip with instructions on what to do next. It can be anything simple from taking a photo to singing in public to putting a puzzle together to doing a gross challenge.

Check out the Sample Clues!

I am super excited to get my colleagues out there, dressed like crazy people and try to win one portion of this race. I may also do the Tampa race, depending on how this one goes.

Click here to sign up and start a team. Also - not sure how long this will last but I got a coupon code from a friend on facebook, which takes the cost of the race from $45 to $18 - so if you sign up for Orlando's race, try to use it at checkout. The code is iloveorlando.


  1. The race sounds super fun and interactive! Do you have to be familiar with the area to succeed or are the clues enough to get you by?

    Have a lovely long weekend!

  2. I am not sure about the location. Since many people will have their smart phones, I think if you get stumped, you can look for guidance with it. The Expedition Everest Challenge race we did a few weeks ago had clues and was also a scavenger based race. Although it tested your mind more than location based clues. I am excited to see what this race will be like. I just hope we don't have to eat any bugs!


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