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Monday, September 8, 2014
I recently got the chance to check out Tampa's Irish 31 at a tweetup with my friends Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay. The food and drink we sampled were amazing, so when they invited me back for a dinner for two, I jumped on it. We also made this one of our last cheat meals before starting the Advocare 10 day Cleanse (currently on day 7). I literally want to lick the screen right now.
Although this is not what we started out with,, I wanted to highlight it first - talk about some of the best fish and chips I have ever tried in my life. The batter (made with black and tan beer) was perfectly crispy. This would be worth cheating on your diet everyday.
Going backwards to our starter, Gabe and I ordered the Shepherd's Pie Boxty - a Boxty is a stuffed mashed potato ball rolled and fried. It was delicious and huge. I couldn't finish all three of these for an entree.
Gabe and I were one of the first people in town to try the new drink menu - without doubt, I had to order 31 Mule, made with New Amsterdam Vodka, ginger beer, lime and simple syrup. I would kill for one of these right this second.
Gabe ordered the Shrimp Po-Boy, which at first, you would think that is a surprising thing to find at a Irish Pub. While Irish 31 has the typical Irish staples, they are not a typical Irish Pub - they are a neighborhood pub and you will find multiple items on their menu from all over. The jumbo tiger shrimp were perfectly fried and had a ton of flavor.
Irish 31 has an extensive cocktail menu and a great happy hour. The Hyde Park Cosmo has a splash of champagne in it - something I would never think of trying but it was a refreshing twist to the standard.

We also had a slice of peanut butter pie - not shown. We took it home and devoured it!

Thanks Nicholas, Ryan & Allison for introducing Irish 31 to me! Gabe and I were both equally impressed and I am surprised it took us so long to check it out. Their outdoor patio is perfect for catching football games and I must check out their chicken wings once I am off this diet. We will be back!

Back to carrot sticks, celery and water I go.....le sigh.....I MISS WINE!!!
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