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Monday, September 29, 2014
This article is sponsored by Lindt HELLO
This is a pretty funny blog post. I bought a ton of Lindt HELLO chocolates while in New Orleans for my wedding this weekend. In fact - I purchased every flavor they had at Target and couldn't wait to check them out. Until my best friend got a hold of them the night before my wedding. This is what was left, with the funniest coaster I have seen from New Orleans (thanks Darlynn!). Introducing Lindt Chocolate:

What was your favorite HELLO moment? Mine was to my brand new husband Gabe. We met for the first time as teenagers - as he was one of my high school friends younger brothers. Many years passed and the night my brother got married, we were reconnected. This was one of our first photos together.
I knew he was the one after our second date and there is a witness to this statement. I was sitting on my best friends living room floor and I said "mark my word, I will marry this guy". Funny how life works out - we have a ton in common - including being total goofballs and living life for the moment.
That simple HELLO was the start of our life together and I got a facebook invite from him a few days later. Fast forward nearly 5 years later, we are now husband and wife.  This journey is only a start to our amazing future together.

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  1. Very cute - love your wedding dress! And chocolate is ALWAYS a win :)


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