A new look in 2015 thanks to Rock Spa and Salon at Seminole Hard Rock

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
From the moment I got engaged in June 2013, I started growing my hair out. Fast Forward a year and a half later, boredom with my style was an understatement. While I wanted change, the fear of something new was preventing me from making a change. Back in the mid 2000's, I had a short bob and truth be told, it looked great on me. However, that was 10 years ago and I feared I couldn't pull it off now that I am in my mid-thirties. That was until I saw Jenny McCarthy at the grand opening of the Rock Spa and Salon at Seminole Hard Rock Tampa. She looked incredible and I fell in love with her hair style.
Jenny McCarthy at the Grand re-Opening of Rock Spa and Salon inside of Seminole Hard Rock, Tampa
I bit the bullet and made an appointment to get a new look. Prior to getting 9" taken off my head, I booked a Rhythm and Motion Wrap Remix to help calm my nerves. The Wrap Remix was all of the Rhythm and Motion services mixed into one - a detox wrap, cleansing facial and a detox massage, with a performance of techniques, pressure and rhythm. all to the beat of music. It was a spa service unlike any I have ever experienced. A different stage of tranquil, almost like an out of body experience. While you would never fall asleep during this experience, it left me feeling more calm than any other spa treatment I have had. The treatment began with a cleansing shot of ginger tea to jumpstart the detox process, and at the end, a shot of Rock Spa® Detox Tea.  The morning following the procedure, I felt like a million bucks and I strongly suggest trying one of the Rhythm and Motion services.
Following my Rhythm and Motion Wrap Remix, I found my way to the salon chair. I showed my stylist a few photos I pinned and it was time to start the transformation.  We intended on donating my hair to Locks of Love but it was slightly too short. Plus I have damaged it over the years by constantly putting my hair up in a ponytail. Next thing I knew, I had a lot of red hair on the floor.
I learned new ways to style my hair, both straight and curly. My hair was naturally curly growing up but took on a new identity over the years thanks to hair straighteners and Brazilian blowouts. Now that my hair is short, it will hold a curl once again! One thing I must state for those looking to cut their hair - it takes twice the time getting ready in the morning. Short hair is far more time consuming than long. 
My hair looks fuller and that is the one reason I really wanted to get it cut. One thing people don't tell you is that when you get older, your hair gets thinner. I started noticing in pictures that my hair looked scraggly (is that even a word?). Now that is not a problem anymore!
First selfie with the new hair-do! Many thanks to Seminole Hard Rock and Casino for my new look. I absolutely love it! Let's see what I look like on Sunday for during the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Should be interesting being I cannot put it up in a ponytail!

What is the most amount of hair you have cut off at one time? 

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