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Wednesday, July 1, 2015
My husband and I stayed at Hyatt Regency Orlando this past weekend, making a quick staycation following a work event on Saturday. We met up with our friends Darlynn and her husband Steve who were also staying at the hotel for dinner at Hyatt's authentic Italian restaurant, Fiorenzo Italian Steakhouse.
Darlynn and Steve are both Italian - in fact, Steve's family is literally off the boat from Italy. I will tell you I had some reservations about going to an authentic Italian Restaurant with them. If anyone knows true Italian food, it's these two who have Sunday Supper every week. However, this is Hyatt Regency and if there is one thing I know about Hyatt, they do not play when it comes to food.
We were promptly sat and started off with a bottle of wine. We agreed on a bottle of William Hill Chardonnay and were surprised with a Cheese & Cured Meats compliments of the chef. This plate had various selections of cheese - everything from truffle to beer. Homemade mustard accompanied boar salami. It was the perfect start to our double date night.
Next was a bread basket full of homemade bread sticks and popovers. I have the worlds largest weakness to popovers - especially when they are filled with cheese. I will never admit to how many I consumed :)
Since I am technically still on a soft food diet, I made the quick decision to order the homemade Potato Gnocchi - It had truffle cream, crispy Parmesan and mixed mushrooms. Four days later and I am still dreaming over this dish. I asked for a half portion as I couldn't go to an Italian Steakhouse without ordering a steak - yet I couldn't be a piggy and order two entrees. Although half portions of pasta is not on the menu, this is something that you can request at Fiorenzo's. I strongly strongly strongly suggest ordering the Truffle Gnocchi as a side dish at Fiorenzo's.
The steak I ordered was the 8oz Filet Mignon. It was the first time I used a knife in days and while I thought chewing would be an issue, this steak quickly disappeared from my plate. I did get odd looks from the table as my steak was being cut up like beef tartare. The tenderloin was cooked to perfection with a delicious salt sear. It also paired perfectly with my Gnocchi!!
Steve (aka Pasta connoisseur) ordered the Black Pepper Papardelle - with beef short rib bolognese and shaved pepato. He said over and over again how wonderful the pasta was and it was cooked to perfection - the "perfect al dente".  While the photograph doesn't capture it, this pasta dish was full of short ribs. If Steve was amazed at the pasta, I know it was a delicious dish.
Darlynn and Gabe both ordered the 20oz prime bone in Rib Eye, Fiorenzo's signature steak. Both steaks were cooked to a perfect medium rare and were very juicy with a ton of flavor. I tried a very small bite and it was delicious. It was funny to see one of my best friends and my husband eating like they were on an episode of the Flinstones.

While none of us added an addition onto our steaks (I mean, I ordered two entrees and they ate half a cow), there were amazing accompanies to enhance your meal. Fiorenzo has flash seared foie gras for $16, fresh seasonal truffle and demi-glace for $15. Along with the additions, there were also a variety of sauces (aged balsamic, garlic and green chile salmoriglio, etc) to choose from. Darlynn did get the fresh horseradish ($5) to go with her Rib Eye.
With full bellies came the dessert and after dinner cocktail menu. We went for the Tiramisu while Steve ordered Coconut Gelato. Darlynn and I also ordered an espresso martini. It was the perfect end cap to a perfect night with dear friends.

If you find yourself in Orlando over the summer, be sure to check out Fiorenzo Italian Steakhouse located inside the Hyatt Regency Orlando. On Friday's, they have an offer you cannot refuse:

Fiorenzo Italian Steakhouse Orlando Date Night:
Starting June 19th you can pair classic charm with modern tastes and a free bottle of Robert Mondavi wine for the ultimate Orlando date night. Join us on Friday nights this summer and receive one complimentary bottle of Robert Mondavi wine to savor with purchase of two main entrees, like Fiorenzo Italian Steakhouse’s signature Filet Mignon and Scallops or authentic Italian favorites such as Branzino, Osso Buco and fresh, homemade pastas.

Reservations recommended. Offer is valid only on Friday nights, cannot be combined with any other offer and is not available for groups over eight.

For more information and reservations, please call 407.345.4570.

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  1. Holy smokes that all looks amazing!! My mom is straight off the boat from Italy as well, and while nothing truly compares to the food over there, we do have some hidden gems here stateside that can do justice to the Italian cuisine.


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