Foodie Pen Pal - March

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
So I got my first Foodie Pen Pal, Jacey Sisneros of Little Miss Jacey. I was very excited to receive my first package since I signed up for FPP and Jacey did not let down!! I was beyond impressed and honored to know that my first FPP is competing in the 2012 Miss California Pageant! Jayce is a cool chick - make sure you check out her blog and follow her on twitter.

So onto my box!!! I opened it and the first thing I saw was many items from Trader Joe's. YAY!!! (yes Jacey, you are correct, we are neglected from having Trader Joe's in FL). I am not sure what I am most excited about. It
 All my snacky treats! Healthy and fun. I have never tried Seaweed chips before so I am excited to try!

 I LOVE Almond butter - and have never seen Macadamia Butter before. YAY! (Notice the Kind Bar is opened? My boyfriend Gabe doesn't understand "don't eat anything until I take photos!!). Everything in this photo rocks!

<3 Lemon Pepper in a grinder. Enough Said!!!!!! 

The cocnut water is new to me. I see it all the time at Whole Foods but have never tried it. I actually almost purchased it for the Foodie Pen Pal I received this month. Jacey got me Mango and Chocolate!

Thank you again Jacey!!!

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  1. Yay Yay Yay!! I'm so so glad you like it! I was hoping some of it was new to you!! Glad it is!! Enjoy the treats... and don't let that sneaky boy of yours eat too much of it! I mean I guess sharing is nice lol

    Talk to ya soon girl!


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