Lobster Roll Tour, Florida Style

Thursday, March 29, 2012
We went to Maine last summer and became overly obsessed with Lobster Rolls. We were in Maine for 4 nights, had Lobster Rolls everyday and went on a diet immediately upon coming home.
Me and Gabe on the Maine coast

What makes the Lobster Roll so great is the buttery toasted bun. They are called New England Style Hot Dog Buns (or rolls). The Lobster salad has very little in it, just some butter and mayonnaise. People are always trying to fancy a lobster roll up and they really shouldn't waste their time. This is a dish where simplicity is at its best. Don't ruin the lobster with celery people!

Our favorite Lobster Roll was not on the coast, but in Winthrop at a Ice Cream shop called Tubby's.
Tubby's Lobster Roll
Another one we had in Maine on the way home was in the Airport at Shipyard Brewery- it was good, but by this time, I think I was Lobstered Out

I have not been able to locate New England Style buns in FL. I looked into getting them shipped, but that would cost $20 after shipping. My Mom even bought Gabe a New England Style pan to make our own buns, which I failed miserably at. 

So thanks to Urban Spoon and Yelp, we have done our own Lobster Roll tour in Florida. lThe closest thing we have found to date was in Orlando at Stonington's Seafood Restaurant. It's not on the water and is in a strip mall. But a darn good Lobster Roll.
Perfectly toasted buttered roll with good size lobster chunks
He uses New England Style Rolls - the Lobster was a little beat up but very good
So much lobster you can't see the bun. They don't use the traditional New England Roll but still a good one
Not the right kind of bun, but good. A little too much butter for my taste

Now for the Hall of Shame:

(um....where's the Lobster and why is there so much celery for $20!)
Don't get me started. Burnt bun, nasty lobster salad. All you taste is celery. I didn't ask for a Celery Roll. Lettuce? Luckily, they didn't charge it. I never send food back and I felt I owed it to them that this was NOT a lobster roll.

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