Bon Ton Cafe's Crabmeat Au Gratin - The Best thing I've EVER ate

Thursday, April 5, 2012
Years ago, prior to my first visit to New Orleans, I saw an episode of Food Networks "Best Thing I've Ever Ate - Cheesy".  John Besh went on and on about Crab-meat Au Gratin at Bon Ton Cafe in NOLA. I didn't get a chance to try it out in 2009, so I made it my goal to get it this trip.


Bon Ton Cafe reminded me of going to the Elks club with my grandma and grandpa back in the day. The decor will throw you off. It doesn't have fancy interior. They serve crackers and relish trays.Very reminiscent of going out to eat as a child.

I don't usually freak out over food like this. I can't explain how great this dish was. It was rich, decadent, cheesy, sweet, savory, just seriously beyond words. I suggest anyone that goes to New Orleans to try this dish. It is very rich so be prepared, but worth every moment of culinary bliss! Keep in mind, they are only open Monday - Friday.

Gabe tried the Crawfish Etouffee and loved it. I tried it but my mind was blocked by the greatness of the crabmeant Au Gratin.It was dark in there and my photos didn't turn out the best.

I scoured the internet looking for the recipe to make Crab Meat Au Gratin. The closest thing I found was from another blogger, A Culinary Pilgrimage, who endured the same experience as I. Click here to check it out!

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