Tower of Terror 10 miler?! What was I thinking?

Friday, April 20, 2012
What was wrong with me last night? I keep asking myself this question. Over and over again. I got home from work, had a few glasses of wine and while playing around on facebook, Run Disney popped up stating that the Inaugural Tower of Terror 10 miler was 94% full. I am obsessed with Halloween, Run Disney and medals, especially Inaugural medals. I really want to do this race. I am just afraid of the word TEN MILES. I say that, yet I am training to run the Princess half next February (my New Years resolution!). So I asked Gabe if he would train with me to do this and he said YES.

Before I had the chance to chicken out, I signed us up. I also notified Gabe's Aunt Karen, who just completed the Boston Marathon and she signed up with us. I am freaking out.....but I keep looking at this photo of my future lovely medal, which helps me calm down (It is glow in the dark!!!):

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