Shrimp & Co Ybor Groupon!!

Monday, April 23, 2012
Reason #1001 I love living in Ybor - Shrimp & Co. is within walking distance of our Condo. Living in FL and growing up on the beach makes one a very picky seafood eater. So when we first moved to Tampa, I will be the first to say that I was a little cautious of this cute beach shack looking restaurant located at the end of 7th Ave (across from The Columbia).

Well one night, we gave it a shot and LOVE it! My favorite is their fried FL pink shrimp. It has the perfect batter. Also, their appetizer sampler is pretty amazing. I wish I knew their secret of fried batter. We have also tried their steamed crawfish, which was the best we've had in FL. SO when Groupon sent out an email today that they had half off Shrimp & Co., we each bought one. I know where we are going for dinner tomorrow night! YAY! Here is a photo of the amazing Pink Shrimp.

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