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Thursday, March 15, 2012
We are about to move offices in Winter Park, and this saddens me so. I will no longer be in walking distance of the Ravenous Pig while working in Orlando. This is one of the rare times you will see a blog post from me on a restaurant that has an amazing drink menu, without any reviews on cocktails. It is a lunch review! Their tea is pretty good :)

Ravenous Pig's menu changes. Most of the items on this review are staple items, or they have another version of what I have tried. I love this place, it is one of my favorites in Winter Park. They make their bacon in house! Plus, a restaurant with the name Pig in it is up there in my books.

Soft Pretzel Fondue - really good. I mean, really good. It came with a cheese fondue sauce and a grain mustard. The pretzel was perfect.
Lake Meadow Deviled Eggs - want to see a table full of adults fight over deviled eggs? Order these bad boys.

Farmers Salad - Quite possibly the best salad on earth. Not joking. The egg is perfectly soft boiled. The bacon is the perfect amount of savory goodness. It's just awesome.

Pub burger modified - I had them top it with sliced avocado. What I wasn't expecting was a whole avocado! This thing was amazing. Served alongside truffle fries - when will I learn I don't like truffle fries? Yet I order them every time.
 Another shot of the fries...it's not the fries that I dislike, it's the truffle oil.
Pork Belly Sandwich - This was off the chain. The pork was perfect, topped with a creamy cool coleslaw. The bread was grilled. It was just amazing!
Lobster Taco's - I wish I could say these were great. I do. I just didn't read the menu and was shocked to see tempura lobster. I am a lobster girl - so I don't believe in frying lobster!
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