Mothers Day Brunch at Pelagia Trattoria

Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Mothers Day is soon upon us! My Mom is my best friend and I always want to make this a special day for her. Boy does she have a surprise in store for her this year! More about that after the day.
Meg and Momma  at Disney, 2012
A few weeks before Easter, I did a compilation of Tampa restaurants hosting Easter Brunch. Since my parents were coming into town that weekend, I wanted to make sure we showed them a great time and amazing food. The decision was difficult and we actually changed our reservations up a few times, unable to make a decision. We finally ended up taking them to Pelagia Trattoria, one of the best brunch decisions I have ever made in my life.

I selected a restaurant who is not known for brunch and only host brunch a few times a year. The main reason for this is that I have never had a bad meal there and it is one of the few places I suggest to friends, family and strangers when are visiting Tampa. I knew without a doubt that my parents would be impressed and that service would be spot on. During our fabulous brunch, we had a chance to chat with Pelagia's Executive Chef Andrew Basch, who informed me that they would be hosting a Mothers Day and Fathers Day brunch this year as well.
Carving Stations Top - Prime Rib Bottom  - Turkey and Ham
What sets Pelagia apart from other restaurants hosting Mothers Day brunch is they have everything your heart could ever imagine or dream of on their buffet. For Mother's Day, they will have a special "make your mom a pancake station"!. Kids will have around 20 different types of toppings they can use to make their Mom a custom pancake. Plus, as an always added perk - Pelagio offers all adults a glass of free champagne with the purchase of a brunch.

During our Easter brunch, we enjoyed everything from signature pasta, ham, gulf oysters, flat breads, stone crab, baked salmon, waldorf salad and much much more. I ate more food than I could ever imagine and was full the next day. Check out what I feasted on:
My four plates of food!!!!
The fixed price buffet is $49 per person for adults and $18 per person for children, ages 3 - 12. Prices do not include tax or gratuity. For Mother’s Day reservations, call 813-313-3235 or go to 

Here are more signature items available for Mothers Day Brunch at Pelagia Trattoria!
  • Make-Mom-a-Pancake station until 5 p.m. 
  • Omelet and egg station until 3 p.m. 
  • Pasta station from 3 p.m. 
  • Carving station with oven-roasted turkey, prime rib with Pelagia rub and fruit-stuffed pork loin
  • Chilled seafood selection of lemon-poached shrimp, crab claw and Gulf oysters 
  • Cold buffet featuring Caesar salad, organic greens, poached pears with spinach, blue cheese and candied nuts, tortellini salad with grilled vegetables, tandoori chicken salad, Asian slaw with rock shrimp and more 
  • Hot buffet with Applewood smoked bacon and pork sausage, traditional Eggs Benedict, Pelagia crab cakes, sauteed vegetables, assorted pizzas (from 3 p.m.), Cajun grilled salmon with fruit salsa and more. 
  • Platters filled with fresh fruits, sliced Italian meats, assorted cheeses, breads, pastries and spreads and smoked salmon 
  • Display of cakes, pies and miniature desserts

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