2013 Wine Dine Half Medal and 2014 runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend medals

Monday, October 21, 2013
It's been too long since I have shared photos on upcoming runDisney medals. In fact, the last one I posted was for a race I wasn't a participant at!

Although reality met denial this weekend on my November races, I will not whine to you today - you aren't here to listen to me complain about taking on too much in one month, you are here for runDisney medals, the bling that started my madness!
kindly borrowed from See Sharp Run
First I introduce you to the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon. This medal is the one Disney medal everyone assumes I already own but is not in my possession (yet....).

The next set of runDisney medals are from the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, including the Dopey Challenge, which I am participating in (eeeeeek). That is if I do not croak during the process. I will receive each of these SIX medals over 4 consecutive days in January. The medals are presented in order of race day:

The 2014 Family Fun Run 5K Medal, which I am running with my Momma!
The Inaugural Walt Disney World 10K Minnie Mouse Medal, which I am running with Darlynn, this will be her longest race distance to date!
The 2014 Walt Disney World Half Marathon Medal, my second consecutive year running this race:

And finally the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Medal, I am running this one with my fiance and I hope he will decide to stay back with me although I understand if he doesn't.
While I mentioned 6 medals above, you have only see four at this point.

Number 5 is the 2014 Goofy Medal for completing the Walt Disney World Half Marathon and the Walt Disney World Full Marathon:
And the medal which I will probably glare at for days and days to come, the inaugural 2014 Walt Disney World Dopey Medal because apparently 39.3 over 2 days wasn't enough, I had to go for 48.6:

Dear god.......................
Help me........................


  1. I admire you for being so dedicated. I love to run, but I don't think I could do a marathon. The medals are adorable! They almost make me want to run one . . . almost :)

    1. You could do it!! A friend of mine started running this spring and is going to Greece to run the First Marathon in a few weeks. She had only run a 5K prior to. She sent me a message about how amazed she was that she could do a 20 mile training run - that you can do anything you put your body up to.

  2. I love the Wine & Dine medal this year! Not running in it though. I am doing the Minnie Mouse 10K, can't wait!

    1. Well, hopefully I will see you there :) Are you dressing up? I am, as Minnie (so original!)...

  3. Hi, I've recently gotten into running half marathons, 10k and 5k races. Of course, the bling is an added bonus. I was wondering where you found all of the pictures for next year's medals? Is there a link you can share with us?


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