Every Brides Nightmare...... Losing Your Venue #WeddingWednesday

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Last Friday I received a call from my Best Friend Keri, who happens to be the Matron of Honor in my wedding and a Bridesmaid in my former roommate Tara's upcoming wedding. Tara got engaged two months after I said yes to Gabe and her wedding is taking place 4 months prior to mine. Tara and her fiance are big water lovers and they are having a beach themed wedding on May 9th, 2014. They chose May since it is the last possible month before the crazy FL summer heat....and she works at an accountants office, unable to take time off from January through Tax Day. May is her only option to get married with a beach themed big day.
Me, Tara & Keri
I am the type of bride who makes rash decisions - Tara on the other hand is one who thinks everything out. Since Tara and her fiance are having a beach themed wedding, they wanted a venue on the water. There is a location in Daytona Beach which Tara had her heart set on and opted for having a Friday night wedding so they could get married there. This is a very well known establishment in Daytona Beach and I have been to a few weddings there - I was excited for them that they got it secured (and within budget!). 

At 5:00 Friday, I received a call from a panicked Keri. She heard a rumor that Tara's venue (which they already put a deposit down on) was shutting it's doors - no wedding's would be taking place after December 31st, 2013. We did a three way call to the venue to verify this information and we were told what Keri heard was true. We asked why Tara hadn't been notified and were informed that up through the end of Friday's business day, all to-be brides up through March had been notified. Since Tara is a May bride, she hadn't received the call yet - Keri broke the bad news to her.

While this post has nothing to do with my wedding, I wanted to share Tara's story. What would you do in this situation? I couldn't even imagine. Thankfully, Tara has not ordered her invitations yet. While it may be a little difficult finding a venue on the water in a limited time frame, she is in a much better position than the poor January and February brides. When you go under contract for a wedding venue, you feel safe and secure. These people are the ones you are paying big bucks to so your perfect day is....well, perfect. While it is scary signing that contract, one would never think that this could happen. One worries about weather and family drama, but not your venue closing it's doors.

I think she should call David Tutera :) Seriously though, I am going to do everything in my power to help Tara figure all of this out. 


  1. She is definitely a busy woman from your story... She must have many perfect plans for this. After all, this is for once in her life, so, it's better to not be so rush in choosing the date and the month. I wish and pray the best for her wedding in the future :)

  2. How about st Pete or Clearwater? There are plenty of beach places around here..


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