The #GrainBrain Challenge Recap!

Sunday, November 24, 2013
The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Grain Brain

A few days before I headed to New York to run the ING NYC Marathon, I received an opportunity to be part of a four week challenge which focuses on the health of your brain by removing carbohydrates and eating healthy fats. This my friends was "The Grain Brain Challenge"

In the challenge, I started taking supplements (Omega 3 Fish oil, Resvida, DHA). I avoided gluten to my best ability (marathon and traveling hankered that a bit). I kept up with my exercise routine, which has been an interesting month with everything going on. I also made a conscious effort to get a good amount of sleep every night. I am usually a night owl and my sleep routine sucks. I can proudly state I have been getting 8+ hours a night since I started the 4 week challenge.  

Since I did a modified version of this diet, I could really feel the difference when I had to carb load. I honestly felt sluggish and bloated but the carbs got me through that grueling 26.2 miles. On days I followed the diet strict, I felt amazing.

After the NYC Marathon, we returned home and I packed my bags up once again 4 days later to head off to Disney for Wine and Dine Half Marathon. Being on Disney property for 4 days, I did find myself cheating a bit here and there with food. After that was over, I got to business and really followed this diet. I love eggs, avocados, cheese and all green veggies, so I was a very happy person. Plus, I generally don't eat that many carbs and quickly saw my two race carb loading bloat go away. 

Here's a few things I ate while on the diet....

Acorn squash stuffed with turkey sausage & apples
Bruschetta chicken, broccoli and roasted tomatoes
My new favorite lunch - tuna and avocado lettuce wraps
Pan seared salmon
I love that this challenge helps your brain focus and I can say, this is my busiest time of year at work. I didn't find myself pulling my hair out as I usually do from October through December. I found myself focused and attentive instead of my usual ADD state when chaos hits.

I will absolutely keep on a modified version of this diet - as this is how I normally eat. While I cannot kick carbs out of my life entirely due to my Dopey training, I now know how to eat smart carbs.

You can read more about the Grain Brain Challenge in my first post.

Now, Boo-Kitty may need a lesson or two about the Grain Brain challenge - because THIS IS NOT OK!
Check out the #grainbrain and #GBChallenge hashtags to see how others did with the challenge too!

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