runDisney 2014 Walt Disney World 10K recap - Dopey race 2

Friday, January 10, 2014
Another race day is in the books! This morning, my alarm clock went off at 3:00am for the runDisney's Inaugural Walt Disney World 10k. When the Dopey Challenge was announced, the 10K portion excited me the most and was why I signed up for the Challenge. I knew I wanted to do the 1/2 Marathon again and take place in the 10K, so why not go for all 4. I love the 10K distance and the gorgeous medal was honoring Minnie Mouse. My Mom ran this one with me, making her first 5K and 10K on consecutive days!!! So proud :) We dressed up as Minnie Mouse with a giant blinking bow on top of our heads. (Skirt - Sparkle Skirts, Shirt - Nike Dry Fit with Minnie iron on transfer, CEP compression socks, Mizuno Wave Rider 17, Giant Blinking Minnie Mouse bow purchased at Polynesian Resort, attached to a Halo Headband, Under Armour Armour39 Heart rate and Fitness Monitor)
Upon arriving at Epcot, we took a duplicate photo from the day before with Michelle, Nicole and Karen. I am going to be sad tomorrow when this photo will not have my Mom included in it :(
Left Photo L-R: Me, Nicole, Michelle
Right Photo L-R: Karen, Mom, Me
It was time for the race to start!!!!
Photo from runDisney Twitter
The first three miles were on the on the roads of Disney so I made sure we took the first photo opp we found, which was Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. We waited in line for 10+ minutes and all of a sudden, I saw Wendy and Peter Pan appear. To much of my disappointment, they relieved Hook and Smee from photo duties. I even started booing, which caused the rest of the line to boo. Not the same.....

Once we arrived into Epcot, I could tell my Mom was getting tired. She has a heart condition and with the day before being her first 5K, I had to make sure she took it easy. We waited in line to see Genie, which was the one photo from last years Half Marathon that turned awful. Redemption! I made a wish to get through Sunday in one piece.
Once we rounded France, we turned to do a loop around Disney's Boardwalk. It was beautiful and peaceful. I really loved this portion of the race. Football Goofy was located at ESPN Zone but the line was too long, so I improvised.
It was time to go back into Epcot after we left Boardwalk. I thought I was going crazy as I heard a dog panting behind me. I turned, and sure enough, it was a guide dog. He was running with his trainer and I found out later in the day that this amazing dog also ran the 5K! How adorable is this. I wonder if I could get Boo-Kitty to run 10K's!
Overall, I really enjoyed the Walt Disney World 10K. I will absolutely run this race again in 2015 and hopefully, my Mom will be right along with me! I am so proud of her this week, for facing her first 5K and the next day, her first 10K. She told me she is going to continue run walking and hopefully one day, she will run a Half Marathon with me!


  1. Such an awesome experience to have with your mom! You guys looked so cute!

    xoxo from Trinidad

    1. Thanks girly! I'm so glad she was able to do the two days with me. She was so cute out there!!

  2. Looks like fun, glad you got to do it with your mom!!


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