runDisney 2014 Walt Disney World Half Marathon recap - Dopey race 3

Monday, January 13, 2014
When I first signed up for the Dopey Challenge, my race plan wasn't on my mind. I didn't think about which days I would take it easy and which days I would give it my all. After my Mom decided on participating the 5K and 10K with me, I knew those days would be easy days. We walked pretty much those entire events. The Half Marathon was the first race I knew that I would run alone. I learned at the NYC Marathon that I actually prefer running by myself so I was looking forward to the half. My outfit for the day was a RawThreads Mermaid Shirt, SparkleSkirts Diva Pink, Champion Marathon BraPink CEP Compression Sleeve , Pink Halo Visor and my old faithful Mizuno Wave Sayonara . I had blisters caused from too much time in the theme parks and needed shoes I knew wouldn't bother my toes.
I have to say, this was the very first Half Marathon I didn't have pre-race nerves for. In fact, I was eerily calm about the entire Dopey Challenge. When my alarm went off at 3am on Saturday, I was ready to take on another day. My Mom and Gabe's Mom took me to the race and headed over to Magic Kingdom to cheer the racers on at Main Street. I received a text prior to my Corral starting that the wheel chairs and first runner had made it through before our gun went off.
Photo from runDisney Twitter @rundisney
We were cutting on race day and didn't get our pre-race photos with the group. The Corral starts seemed to take a little longer than I am used to but that may have been me getting impatient. Once we were on our way, I decided to use Galloway's run walk method since I needed to save my legs for Sunday's full marathon. I did 2 minutes on and 1 minute off to start and tapered that down to 1:30 on, 1:00 off halfway through. This really worked for me and I was not sore at all. Other than being exhausted, it was the best I have ever felt post half marathon.

My second favorite part of the course is seeing the sign into Magic Kingdom's ticketing and parking. I know running through the castle is only a few miles away.
 Once we rounded mile three, I noticed a duck in the distance by the speedway. Only upon closer look and 5+ minutes of waiting in line, I realized it was Launchpad McQuack. Still a fun photo op.
Once inside of Magic Kingdom, I looked for my Mom and Gabe's Mom. I found them both looking at their phones! They bought a Donald Duck noise nose and a wand that lit up. I couldn't stop for a photo at that point since everyone was running through Main Street. It was great seeing someone I knew cheering me on at a race. Then it was time for my other "must take" photo, in front of the castle. Even as a grown adult, this castle still brings makes me all giddy inside.
There were a few photo ops inside of Magic Kingdom but I had photos with most of the characters from prior runDisney races. The only character I would have stayed for was Belle and Beast, who were in front of the new Fantasy land in 2013. They were not there in 2014 but Pooh was (his line was too long).
Once outside of the Magic Kingdom, we came across Reindeer's. Christmas in January? At least they were cute and waved at me.
Next thing I knew, we were at Magnolia Golf Course and I really regret not getting a photo with Golfing Goofy. We are a golfing family and the reason we have premium passes is for Disney Golf discounts. We golf free at the Walking Course and if we can walk on any other course for $40 if there is availability day of.
Once inside Epcot, I knew we were almost finished and was looking for my Family. Once we rounded where the new Starbucks is, I saw all of the barista's cheering us on. I was so excited!!!
I finally got to the finish and saw my Mom cheering me on at mile 13. She was so excited!!! I found Gabe's Aunt Karen at the Finish Line and we got a post race photo together. Mom and I headed out so I could take a well deserved nap. She surprised me with roses and a red velvet cupcake!
Overall, I had a very easy and fun race. I enjoyed it and made sure I didn't push myself, even when I wanted to. I didn't want to worry about time but after a third consecutive day of timed races and having very lengthy results on the first two due to walking. It started to get the better of me and I felt I needed to prove something to strangers. I had some inner demons on this day, battling, getting competitive and I had to remind myself multiple times that Dopey Challenge would not be one I need to focus on my time, but completing it.

Three down, One to go!


  1. Awesome recap! Congrats on a great race. It was definitely a lot of fun, and I know what you mean about the castle! It never, EVER gets old for me. :-D

    1. Thanks so much!! When is your next runDisney race? I'm doing glass slipper which will be my 2 yr anniversary since my first 5K. Crazy to even think that :)

  2. Love your outfit. Sad I didn't get to do this one with you, but excited for Princess & Glass Slipper!!

    1. It was not the same without you and Tara this year!! I'm so excited for glass slipper!!!


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