The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - Happy Birthday to Me!

Thursday, June 19, 2014
My original goal in life was to be in show business - behind the scenes, producing. My ultimate dream was to be part of the Tonight Show. A few weeks ago, my Mom called me and woke me up talking about Jimmy Fallon. At first, I was annoyed - why is my morning starting off my day prior to coffee talking about such things? After the caffeine hit my system, I called her back to find out that she had heard a rumor that Jimmy Fallon was bringing the Tonight Show on the road to Orlando. I instantly called my friend Darlynn and she confirmed this as a fact. AND Jimmy was bringing the Tonight Show to Orlando on my Birthday. I had to get tickets.
The day tickets were released, Darlynn did a great job stalking the internet and got into the que before tickets were gone (a whopping 3 minutes). She scored 4 tickets to the June 17th show - the day of my 35th birthday.
I couldn't have been more excited - especially hearing the lineup. We had Kevin Hart and Jimmy Buffet. Between Buffet and The Tonight Show in person, I could cross two items off my bucket list. We went to the show with Darlynn's husband Steve and my Mom. Best birthday present ever (besides the diamond ring I received last year of course).
Overall the experience was super cool and we laughed so hard our sides hurt. If you were to tell me a few months ago that I would have spent my birthday watching The Tonight Show, I would have never believed you. I couldn't be more appreciative for this experience. With that said, I saw the reactions of these two gentlemen in person after watching themselves during this scene. PRICELESS.

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  1. Hey...I didn't know we had bdays sooo close to each other!! Happy birthday Gemini!
    Fallon must have been super awesome!!
    xoxo from London


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