What does women's health mean to you? #HerHealth

Monday, June 2, 2014
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When comes to mind when you think about Women's Health? Preventing Heart Disease? Breast Cancer? Your skin? Health Awareness is so important and it is important to take care of yourself starting at an early age.

I was born into a family with strong successful women all around me. Women who on paper could be mistaken for super heroes. Ones who would never expect to face health issues. Both my Mother and my Grandmother have seen the repercussions of not taking care of your skin.
We will start with my Grandma. Everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her will quickly tell you there is no one else on earth like her. My Grandparents were both from South Carolina and relocated to Daytona Beach when my Mom was a kid. They had 7 children and were very visible in the social scene. Both were very high up in the Daytona Beach Elks club - My Grandpa was an Exalted Ruler while Grandma was President of the Embalm Club. They knew everyone in town. After my Grandpa passed away, my Grandma became even stronger and more independent. She was very social and active, going dancing multiple times a week and kept up with the yard work on her 25 acre property.

She never took care of her skin. In fact, you could easily say she abused it. Mom always told me stories of how she used baby oil mixed with Iodine instead of sunscreen. As she aged, her skin issues got out of control. AND to make matters worse, she smoked - a lot. She was diagnosed with melanoma and was constantly at the doctor getting basal stem cell removed. In 2008, she had a very invasive surgery to get rid of some pesky and deep basal stem cells. Her Doctor suggested multiple treatments but she wanted to take care of it all at once. Very shortly after, my Grandma passed away suddenly from a stroke. A few days prior, she was dancing with all of her friends, living her life like a 40 year old instead of the 75 year old she was. My Grandma was taken far too quickly and had a much longer life to live. If she had taken better care of her skin, I truly believe she would still be here today.
Let's move onto my Mother. My Mom is an amazing person and my best friend. I will take this time to mention that we are a pale skinned family. Those ladies should have been bathing in sunscreen. Mom was diagnosed with Melanoma years ago and had it removed. She also has issues with basal stem cell. Two months ago, her Doctors removed a very deep basil stem cell. I am happy that my Mom knows first hand the importance of skin care now and does not leave the house without sunscreen on. Gone are the days of iodine infused baby oil.
One thing these amazing ladies taught me through their own mistakes was to pay attention to my skin. I am sure to use daily lotion with an SPF in it. I never go out in the sun without having SPF 30 on, especially on days I have long runs - nothing is worse than a runners sunburn! I also make sure to take my daily vitamins to boost overall health. I am currently taking a specialty vitamin for hair, skin and nails - getting primed for the wedding. Keeping up to knowledge on Women's Health is easy to do at Walgreens.


  1. Thanks for this post. I always make sure to put sunscreen on (especially on runs) and often find that this is NEVER mentioned in a lot of other blogs! Sun protection is so important!

  2. Yes to the sunscreen! I'm a marathoner living in Pensacola and I'm religious about sunblock in the summer (and I should be about it in the winter as well.)

  3. I'm not the best about sunscreen and I have a family history of squamous & basal cell melanoma. I should know better! I'm so glad that you are learning from the mistakes of the other women in your family, and I'm terribly sorry to hear about your grandma. One of my grandmas died of a massive stroke 3 days before my youngest was born. It was shocking and devastating. I still miss her terribly. #client


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