Bye bye baby - I bought a new (to me) car

Thursday, May 29, 2014
A few vehicle facts about me:

  • From 1997-2003, I owned 5 cars. Do the math.....I got a new car almost every year.
  • I made my first "big" purchase in 2004, a brand new 2004 Infiniti FX35. I named her "baby" (original I know).
  • From the moment I drove off the lot, I never longed for another vehicle. 
  • I paid off said Infiniti in 2007. I haven't had a car payment since.
  • I drive to Orlando, Daytona or Jacksonville at least once a week (or all of the above)
  • My "baby" never gave me a single issue in the 10 years of owning her, nearing 170,000 miles
  • I hate being "sold" anything (including wedding dresses) and car shopping is my worst nightmare
my "baby" - 2004 Infiniti FX35
About 3 weeks ago, I went to start "baby" and the battery was dead. I shrugged it off as that battery was nearing 5 years old. I called AAA and decided to purchase a battery directly through them for multiple levels of convenience. 

4 days later, my brand new new battery was dead after a girls trip at Loews Don Cesar. AAA claimed the Valet left my lights on (yeah right). A quick jump start later, my car was perfect....until it sat for a few days. Groundhog day - jumped my car and took it to my mechanic. He put it on the computer and nothing came up - the starter was in great shape, the alternator was in perfect condition and there was no battery draining. Everyone stated AAA sold me a bad battery - and they replaced it. After our trip to North Carolina this weekend, I came home to another dead battery. 

We put the car on multiple computer tests, all of which read perfect. I knew it was time for a new car. I wasn't prepared to car shop and had no idea what I wanted. I did some research and found that Volvo had the best certified used car program. I could get the features I wanted with a car payment I was comfortable with. So let me introduce my new (to me) car!
We replaced my Infiniti with a Volvo S60. This thing is crazy fast - a 5 cylinder turbo. Volvo's have the most comfortable seats in any car - we learned this after renting a Volvo last year during a trip to New Orleans. Prior to then, Volvo wouldn't have been on my radar. My new car has all of the technology I was looking for, with the exception of a reverse camera - that will take some getting used to after 10 years of having one. BUT it does have blind spot lights - if there is a car in my blind spot, a light by my mirrors shines. Pretty awesome actually. Check out this interior, my car is smiling at me!
I do have to admit, I cried leaving the dealership. My "baby" was there with me for almost 10 years and I hated leaving her behind.


  1. Did you ever find out what was wrong with the Infiniti? Did they let you trade it in? We'll be looking for a smaller SUV within the next year and you almost sold me on the Infiniti! (I drive a Toyota Corolla, so I've never looked into them before.)

    Congrats on the new ride!

  2. Sweet. My first ever car was a Volvo and I drove it for 16 years. Loved it.


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