Wedding Wednesday, Congrats Tara and Brandon!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
My best friend Keri and I met Tara when she was 17 years old (we were 20). We adopted her as our little sister very early on. When Tara was 24, she moved in with me and over a 5 year period, we lived together off and on. I saw her go through a few long term relationships and broken hearts. We spent many of nights laughing, crying and learning from each others mistakes.
L-R, Keri, Tara, Megan
In 2009, Tara met Brandon. Keri and I like to take credit for this.....the three of us were sitting at a bar and consumed one too many cosmos. Brandon was also there. We could tell Tara was interested in him and acting like the mature adults we are, we told Brandon that Tara thought he was cute the second she excused herself to go to the restroom. We slyly told him where we were going next, he appeared, they exchanged numbers and the rest is history.
In August 2013, Brandon popped the question. Tara works at a CPA firm, so along with a busy tax season, she planned a wedding in the matter of 9 months (and had her venue switch unexpectedly). That stresses me out just thinking about it!
So this Friday, I will watch as these two say "I do" at a romantic beach wedding. I wanted to write a post, honoring Tara and wishing her and Brandon a lifetime of happiness together.


  1. What a sweet post....good luck to them and DAMN what a cool picture at the end!

    xoxo from Trinidad <-- not for long (off to LONDON) :-)

  2. This is so sweet of you! Awesome that they have you Kerri to thank for their meeting too :) Love their sunset silhouette photo!


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