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Wednesday, May 7, 2014
I cannot believe we have 4 1/2 months until the big day. The great thing about being an overly type A planner with an extended engagement is that nearly everything is done. I can sit back and relax for the next few months - HA! I wish. I haven't had a Wedding Wednesday update in a while so here are a few little details I have been working on.
We finished the invitations and they look AMAZING. I fell in love with a design at Invitations by Dawn. I don't want to show them off just yet but here is a sneak peek of the outside. My future Mother in Law created belly bands with lace I found on eBay. Once these bad boys are out in the mail, I will do a full recap on the invitations and how I got my dream invites for less than $250 vs. the $600 they should have cost.
After owning the centerpieces for 9 months, I finally got my hands on them. They have been in storage since September and I have no idea how I went so long without seeing them. My expectations were more than met and I am even happier then when I originally purchased them. Click here to see how I saved tons of money purchasing our centerpieces.
I have 32 rhinestone candle holders which I am using as rose vases and 15 candelabras. Our florists, Fat Cat Flowers (best name ever) suggested 5 black magic roses inside of the vase - the roses above are not black magic but the closes thing I could find locally. I haven't found candles for the candelabras and the ones in the photo are too small while pillars are too large. This is a job my Mom is currently working on.
We purchased flip flops for guests so they can dance the night away at the reception. After spending months searching for bulk flip flops, who would have guessed that Dollar Tree saved the day! I ordered 24 black pearl and 24 purple pearl flip flops, at a whopping total of $48. I found a saying and a cute way to label the shoes with their sizes.
I have also finalized our wedding registry! Notice I said "I" and not "We". There is a reason for this - Instead of registering for linens, mixers and blenders, we decided to register for our honeymoon. We already have everything from a Dyson to a Blendtec to a Kitchenaide, and everything in between. It's always been our dream to go to Europe and a honeymoon registry is a perfect way for guests to give presents while contributing towards a dream trip. I am over the top when it comes to vacation planning so Gabe stayed out of this entire process (smart man). The only thing he asked was to drive a fiat while in Italy. I found a half day, self drive trip in a fiat, taking us to Chianti, visiting a winery. Talk about a win win situation.  I will report back on the honeymoon registry and if it was a success closer to the wedding.

That's it for now! Next week I am going to talk about that fun four letter word, Vows.

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  1. Ooh....we did a honeymoon registry. Let me tell you - BEST THING WE EVER DID! I created the silliest stuff to a 4th wedding toast with bubbles 3 days post or watch me push Glen off a horse-back riding. People LOVED it. They loved that the kids could help pick, they loved that we couldn't see until they wanted us to see it and we made it super fun by taking pics of the thing and including them in the thank you card! Best idea we ever had...we ended up with a wedding/honeymoon that we could have never afforded otherwise!!! \\\

    xoxo from Trinidad


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