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Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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If you are a frequent reader of this blog and follow me on Instagram, you are aware that I am consistently on the go. This summer alone, I have traveled to the Bahamas, Maine, New Orleans and North Carolina. Constantly being on the road has really impacted my frequency to blog since I no longer travel with my laptop. We own a few tablets but neither of them have built in data, so unless I am connected to someones Wifi, I am unable to connect. This all changed with tmobile free 200mb for life with the T-Mobile Trio AXS 7.85” 4G Tablet.
It seemed too good to be true. An 4G android tablet with 200mb free data FOR LIFE? Plus the tablet only cost $179? Kinda crazy right? I have owned this tablet for a week now and can say first hand, there are no tricks or gimmicks - this deal is legitimate. As long as you own the T-Mobile Trio AXS 7.85” 4G Tablet purchased from Walmart, you will get 200mb of free data each month. My soon to be sister in law ordered this a few days after I bought mine. It is great not only for her being on the road but also for those times when the kids need wifi on the go now that they are back to school.
I was equally impressed with the tablet for the price point. The Trio has a a 1.2ghz Quad Core, 5MP camera, a 16GB expandable Micro SD Slot, GPS & FM Radio and bluetooth connectivity and much more. Google Play is a major plus and after I connected my google account, my search history and favorites were already installed on the Trio.
Where we are saying "I Do" in 5 weeks!
This tablet will be perfect for our wedding week in New Orleans. During our last trip, I had major issues uploading photos, tweeting and getting GPS to work. Having a data enabled device will be such a huge bonus. I know from prior experiences in the big easy that access to the internet is not available everywhere you go. Since the size of the Trio is about the same as the iPad Mini, it will fit perfectly fits in all of my purses, giving me access to GPS, email and contacts without draining the battery on my phone.
Check out the photo I snapped with the Trio while at Walt Disney World this past weekend - and instantly uploaded to Instagram. I don't have to worry about Instagram draining my phone anymore. The days of bringing my tablet to the hotel room so I could connect to the internet, just to check my email or post photos online are over. I can even work on the beach!!
Here's a tip not to go over your data on the first day of owning the device - if you are going to download any apps, make sure you are connected to Wifi so you do not waste your data. Downloads will eat up your 200mb fast. Just downloading my day to day apps (instagram, facebook, twitter, kindle and pinterest), I used nearly 2 gigs of data - thank goodness I was connected to Wifi. For those who want more than 200MB per month of Free Data, T-Mobile and Walmart offer affordable, flexible and overage-free tablet data plans for every type of user.

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