Find Your Strong with Saucony Virrata

Sunday, February 24, 2013
I recently had the opportunity to check out the Saucony Virrata, a zero drop sneaker with plenty of cushioning. Oh, and they are super cute. I received the Virrata's a few days before leaving for our  vacation to New Orleans and the Rock n Roll half marathon. I made sure to bring
 my new shoes with me on our trip.

They are well traveled shoes already, making their way to see Jacksons Square:
Next thing I know, they were partying on Bourbon Street:
 Where they met their sole mate - the Cortana 2.
Coming home, she got the approval from Boo. Either he was welcoming them or trying to figure out why there were shoes on his bed.
Kidding aside, my boyfriend has been a loyal Saucony runner for the past 2 years. He has worn both the Cortana and currently has the Cortana 2's. He has been urging me to switch over for quite sometime and now I have the opportunity to put them to the test.

I wore the Viratta's for 10 hours straight, walking over 10 miles on day one in NOLA. The following day, I tested them out on the treadmill. I am accustom to a ton of cushion and I will say that they were pretty darn comfortable for being as light as they are at a whopping 6.5oz. When my UPS man delivered the shoes, he thought it was an empty return box. He was so curious over these light shoes that he asked to see them.

During my 10 mile walk through NOLA, my feet didn't bother me once other than the typical 'I have been in sneakers all day get me off my feet'. On the treadmill, they were comfortable - as comfortable as shoes can be on the rabbit wheel. I loved how light they were, that I didn't feel impact of the ground on a 0mm platform. Plus my foot could breathe! My biggest issue lately has been the toe box and the Saucony is very giving there. This is the main reason Gabe has been trying to get me to try Saucony out.

You can read more technical details on the Viratta by checking out the Saucony Blog but here are a few highlights:

  • 0mm platform 18mm of foam cushioning underneath the foot 
  • Virrata’s midsole and outsole is made almost entirely of lightweight EVA+ material 
  • 24 independent EVA+ “pods” that contact the ground Sock-like bootie provides a snug, sock-like fit without restricting the foot
  • External mesh releases heat and moisture
  • CUTE CUTE CUTE (I got 3 compliments in NOLA on them)


  1. I read Lindsay s review and she likes them too. Maybe I'll pick up a pair sometime in the future :)

    1. They're pretty awesome. I haven't done a long distance run in them yet - due to receiving them right before the NOLA half but I am going to take them out on bayshore this weekend.


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