Happy Valentines Day! Texas de Brazil, Pizza and Champagne!

Thursday, February 14, 2013
Happy Valentines Day to everyone out there! What are your plans for Hallmarks biggest holiday? Last night, Gabe and I celebrated Valentines Day a day early, to get our  nice dinner out before the craziness. We went to Texas dr Brazil. If you have never been to a Texas de Brazil, you have to go ASAP. This is our favorite restaurant for multiple reasons.

The atmosphere is very modern and trendy, plus they always have amazing floral arrangements which sit on top of the salad bar area.

Texas de Brazil's salad bar is so far from what you would imagine a salad bar being. 50-60 seasonal items are always available. Since it is seasonal, the items change frequently but you will never be disappointed. Everything from imported prosciutto, the worlds best lobster bisque, fresh mozzarella  roasted whole jalapenos, artichokes, sushi, salmon, etc.

If you are a Sangria fan, Texas de Brazil also has the best pitcher you will ever try. Not to mention it is enormous, Gabe and I cannot finish one pitcher between the two of us. We always get the Brazilian Sangria, it's a little more than the house but way worth the extra cost.

The signature Caipirinha's are amazing. They are also on Texas de Brazil's happy hour (which apply's only at the bar). We generally come 30 minutes early to grab a Caipirinha before dinner. This time, Gabe tried the coconut flavor. While I am not a coconut fan, I was a huge fan of this concoction and the bartender gave me the recipe! 

As hard as it is not to fill up on the salad bar, you have to limit yourself. Once it is time to move to the main course, you flip over your place card to green, notifying the meat carvers it is time to visit your table. All of a sudden, you are bombarded  by meat. From the signature sirloin, garlic filet mignon, lamb, pork, chicken and Brazilian sausage. Last night they had beef ribs which were insanely tender.

Here's a tip we learned last night - request a table by the kitchen. This way, you are always guaranteed the best part of the meat. Both Gabe and I love the signature sirloin above anything else at Texas de Brazil. After we got a sample of everything, we flipped our place card to red, until we saw the signature come out. There is something about getting the seared piece. So delicious. Also, grab some chimichuri from the salad bar, it pairs excellent with the meats.

So, that was our early Valentines Day dinner. Tonight, we will start off our evening with a 5 mile run and end it with a night in, eating pizza and drinking champagne! We are ordering pizza from our favorite pizza place in Ybor City and drinking Mumm Rose champagne! Now, that is what I call a perfect Valentines Day dinner at home!

How are you spending Valentines Day?
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  2. I seriously love this place! We went last year and have been wanting to go back :-)

  3. I have never been to Texas de Brazil, but I want to go sometime! I have heard great things about the salad bar alone...haha! I mean...the prosciutto?!?!?! Yessss

  4. I'm always afraid to go because I fear I'll be too full too fast and be disappointed but after your photos, I may just need to go. Looks like a great Valentine's!


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