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Thursday, August 8, 2013
I stumbled upon a video posted last week on runDisney's Youtube channel. Kristen from New Balance talks about Good Form Running, highlighting the Four Key Points for efficiency and to prevent-injury:

  • Posture 
  • Mid-Foot 
  • Cadence 
  • Lean 

I found the video very informative and thought I would share it. In the video, Kristen explains the key to the four points above which will help you run faster with less injuries. The two most common issues she sees with runners are heal striking and over-striding, two things I used to be very bad about.

  1. Posture - Make sure your hips are aligned under your torso. You can do a posture reset by raising your hadns above your head and dropping to the side. This will stack your vertebrate for proper alignment.
  2. Mid-Foot - While running, strike on your entire foot vs. your heel. This will disburse shock more natural and it is better for you. 
  3. Cadence - The average runner runs 150 steps per minute. With Good Form Running, you should average 180 steps per minute. This equates 3 steps a second which will help you land quicker and softer.
  4. Lean - You need a nice gradual lean from your ankles, not your waist. A proper lean will help with Cadence.  

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