Apera Bags Performance Duffel Review, Giveaway and Spring Sale

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Have you ever had a stinky gym bag? They're the worst. I recently had the opportunity to check out Apera athletic bags, "a healthier bag". They have built-in antimicrobial product protection to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors, pockets to separate your wet stinky and sweaty sports clothes from your clean clothing. My first thought was what am I going to do with another gym bag.
That thought got swept away the moment I received the Apera Performance Duffle Bag. I knew my former weekend travel bag was replaced for good. Having two runners in the house means constant stinky clothes in suitcases when we travel.
I have used this bag 3 times over the past 3 weeks, for a mix of business and pleasure: My former roommates bacherlorette party, a weekend home for Gabe & I (we shared the bag) and a work related trip where I had to pack corporate, casual and workout gear. Each time, I had room to spare - even when we shared the bag. Other than the space, I love that there is a pocket which keeps my iPad (and Gabe's iPad mini) secure.
The Apera Performance Duffle Bag will be a perfect carry on bag during our trip to Europe. We can fit more than a days worth of clothing along with important items we do not want to store in our check-in baggage. Plus it is lightweight and comfortable to carry. A gym bag which seconds as a travel bag - double score.

Right now, Apera is having a HUGE sale, 40% OFF their entire line of Blue bags - so any style bag which is blue will be 40% off, including the Performance Duffel. This makes my bag only $74.40, marked down from $124. I am highly considering purchasing a second Apera bag for our trip to Europe.

There is also a Duffel Pack sale, the backpack version of my bag - any color of your choice is 40% OFF too. Jump on this right away!
Apera Duffle Packs - 40% off in April
Along with the sale, there is a giveaway through Apera called "Show Us Your Worn Out Fitness Bag" - one winner has a chance to win a bag of their choice, just by sending them a picture and 1-sentence description of why your current fitness bag stinks (literally or figuratively). Click here for more info!

Apera Sprint Bag - #giveaway on I Run For Wine
Finally - it is time for my giveaway! I am giving away one Apera Sprint Pack, the same bag they donate to Special Olympics athletes for every three bags they sell. This bag is the perfect size for a quick trip to the gym.There is a panel inside of the bag which divides the main compartment and keeps things organized in two separate areas. A large zippered pocket on the front of the bag gives you even more storage along with a large opening which allows you to pack your stuff quickly. For easy cleaning, wipe by hand with soap and water.

Leave a comment below letting me know what you currently use as a gym bag. Make sure you log your entries in the rafflecopter widget below as this is how I select my winner at random!
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  1. No gym bag for me. Just straight to the gym in my workout clothes and then back home. I just carry my keys and water bottle with me.

  2. I currently us a lululemon free bag.... It's sad...I really need this bag!!!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  3. I don't have a gym bag. My husband "stole" mine.

  4. Mine is a really cheap bag that I got free with a staples order once. It's starting to fall apart...

  5. I use a triathlon transition bag that's falling apart!

  6. Right now I'm using my Lilly Pulitzer bag, which I think is actually a diaper bag. Embarrassing!

  7. My son stole my camo duffle - and trust me, you don't want it back after a 14 year old boy has had it in his school gym locker for a few weeks...... So, I've been using an old tote bag - don't remember what logo it used to have, but it's faded away now.....

  8. Ha, I just have a plain canvas bag for ballet. I could definitely use an upgrade!

  9. Hey Megan, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can check out all the details here http://halfwaytothecastle.blogspot.com/2014/04/liebster-award.html

  10. I have several. None are quite right, but they're all ok.

  11. I use a drawstring bag from a 5k

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