Boo-Kitty's story and why he lives the GOODLIFE™

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
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Hi! My name is Boo-Kitty. I am the fur-baby of the human's blog you are reading. I am 10 years old, grey, have a built in tuxedo for black tie affairs. Today, I wanted to tell you all about my story, talk about my Mommy and tell you about the best dry cat food I've ever tried!
I came into this world in October of 2003. Someone placed me, my brothers and sisters inside a car engine and left us there. Luckily, a firefighter heard me meowing and rescued us.Thank goodness I am vocal, however my Mom doesn't have the same reaction at 4am when I want cat food! I ended up in a shelter and we were too young to be adopted. October was also a really bad month for both me and my Mom. She was traveling a lot for work and had a 10 month old dog at home. She made the best decision ever very hard decision to give my Grandparents her puppy, also known as my evil cousin, a dachshund named Deezyl who barks at me and wears shirts that say "I hate Cats". Then my Grandpa passed away at the age of 52. Mommy was very depressed so my Aunt Darlynn suggested she adopt a cat. That's where I come into this story!!
Mommy named me Boo because I was afraid of everything (I still am) and we both secretly wish my birthday was on Halloween. Since neither of us know my actual birthday, this is the day we celebrate it. Well, at least it is the day I wake up to new toys and treats, then spend the evening hiding under the bed because miniature humans with stuff on their face ring the doorbell for candy and say trick or treat. Silly humans. I will forgive these silly humans since mine put me on their wedding save the date coasters. This proves how important I really am. I really do love my Mommy and Daddy!
These days, my Mom works from home and I keep her company all day long! I love to lay on the device she calls a remote which somehow changes the color of that big noisy screen on the wall. She sometimes cry's while looking at it so I try to hide the remote from her. I also love to lay on the square thing she talks to. I think she calls it a phone since she is constantly going around the house saying "Where's my phone", but I think she is going crazy talking to herself. Bad enough she talks to me, then pretends to talk back for me.
Mom keeps telling me I need to go on a diet. Le-Sigh. Then she comes home from the Tampa Walmart today with a delicious new kind of food for me! I really liked it and I am claiming it is the best dry food for cats! This is where you can find it on the shelves!
The bag says it is called GOODLIFE™ pet food. I read on the label that it is really healthy for me. It contains real chicken & salmon, fruits & veggies, no corn, soy or wheat and has no artificial flavors or preservatives! While my Mommy likes to exaggerate, I only speak the truth - read for yourself!
Great news for all of the other kitty's out there -right now, your humans can find a $1 off GOODLIFE™ petfood coupon on their website! That means extra catnip for all. It's great to be a #goodlifepet! It was nice speaking with you, however, this will not become a habit. I have no idea how my Mom does this writing thing all the time, it's time for a cat nap!


  1. This is hilarious!!! I loved reading this from your cats point of view. #client

  2. What a cute cat! Thanks for sharing your story!

    My "little" tuxedo kitty was adopted in October 2009...he and his siblings were found under a porch at 8 weeks old and taken to the Humane Society (or so the story went at the adoptathon). He is sleeping next to me as I type. :)

  3. Boo, you are the cutest!!! "silly humans.." why, yes, we really are. You felines are far more intelligent than us. That's very nice of you to hide the remote from your mom so that she won't cry. What a nice kitty you are. And I don't think you need to go on a diet. You look just perfect the way you are. Your built-in tuxedo makes you so very handsome.
    Oh, and boo? Do you remember me? I'm the blonde chick who fed you that one weekend your mommy and daddy were gone! You really took a liking to me...then again, most cool cats do. Oh...and Boo, your friends Mia and Marley say "Hi" and they think you're quite handsome too.
    Love, Leslie


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