Prepping for rainy weather conditions at Rock n Roll DC

Thursday, March 12, 2015
I HATE running in the rain. If it is sprinkling out, I will make every excuse in the book not to go outside for a run. When I started stalking tracking the weather for Rock n Roll DC Half Marathon this weekend, I instantly freaked out. Little did I know when I signed up for this race that DC deals with more rain than Seattle. On a lighter note, did you know DC residents drink more wine per capita than the 50 states? Another thing I learned while researching DC rain.
As of today, Saturday's weather is foretasted to be 100% rain with 77% humidity and 64 degrees during the race. I cannot even fathom this. When ASICS sent me items for NYC Marathon training, they included some rain gear, a 2-N-1 Jacket (which still has tags on it) which will keep me dry and I can pull the arms off if it gets too hot. My original plan for this race was to wear red white and blue since we are running in the Nations Capitol. This has changed due to the weather and luckily, I own a pair of Gel Nimbus 16 that match my jacket!

ASICS RNR DC Rain Outfit

I'm not too thrilled about the weather and fear 64 will be too warm to wear capri's (especially with the humidity). My other option is to wear my ASICS PR Skort instead of the capris and wear a pair of compression sleeves. I will bring both with me and make my decision on race morning.

ASICS rain gear

PR Skort / Rally Leg SleevesEmma Racerback  /  2-N-1 jacket / 2-N-1 jacket / Hat / GEL-Nimbus 16

Tips for running in the rain:

As I mentioned above, I do not run in the rain. It is why my training slacks during the hot, humid and rainy FL summers. I found 10 tips for running in the rain from and most of these will apply for us this weekend.

1. Wear a hat with a brim - the hat will keep the rain out of your face.
2. Dress in layers if it's cold - if it is cold and rainy, you need to layer with the layer closest to your body being a technical fabric which will wick water away from your skin.
3. Don't overdress - Dress for the temperature (this is why I am thankful for my 2-N-1 jacket)
4. Use a garbage bag -We are packing garbage bags to wear to the start line. I know many people who ran Wine and Dine Half last year who wore garbage bags for the entire race.
5. Be visible - bright colors with reflective strips are very important for running in the rain
6. Wear old running shoes at the race start - This is a hard one for many of the races I have done. We will just wear bags over our shoes until the start.
7. Prevent chafing - this goes for all weather conditions, but more important when your skin is wet from the rain.
8. Protect your electronics - Keep your electronics in a zip lock bag. Our arm band is 100% waterproof so I am good here!
9. Just run!
10. Dry out your shoes - After you are done, stuff your wet shoes with newspaper, it will draw out the moisture and help keep your shoe shape intact.

 It isn't my planned Red White and Blue outfit but at least I will match, stay dry and be cute :) Speaking of cute, if it wasn't going to monsoon on us, I would have so worn my brand new Gel Nimbus 17, which I am madly in love with and will be reviewing shortly (best Nimbus to date).

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  1. The slower 1/2 is going to run the marathon so hopefully she'll run into you! We added your link to our post "Running a Marathon in the Rain - Tips for a Rainy Race Day."


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