2014 TCS New York City Marathon

Thursday, November 6, 2014
I never thought in a million years that I would be writing this post. On Sunday, I completed my third 26.2 in one calendar year. On Sunday Morning, my alarm clock went off at 5am. I dressed in multiple layers (Lite Show Jacket, Thermopolis LT Tights, Gel Nimbus 16, Emma Racerback, Thermopolis LT Arm Warmers, Thermopolis LT Beanie, PR Shelter Gloves and some throw away clothing. Friends - it was COLD and WINDY. This FL girl was freaking out.
We boarded the bus at 6:30am. A nice, warm bus that protected us from the wind. Plus it had a bathroom on board - and a police escort. Talk about being spoiled and I did not want to get off this thing.
They wouldn't let me stay on the bus so we headed for one last group photo before we were separated into our color groups.Yay #teamASICS!
Grace (leangirlsclub.com) and I headed off to the green group and cuddled before our time to start. While you may laugh at me looking like a bank robber, the Thermopolis LT hood was the smartest item I requested from ASICS. Grace started 20 minutes before me so I went into my zone.
Oddly enough, my coral (green wave 4, C) opened early. I wasn't aware this was going on until I got to the start line and saw this.....people just going. I didn't get the canons or hear Frank at the start line. I dumped my throw away layers and followed the rest of the group. I am not sure why this happened but I ended up starting 10 min earlier than I should have - it was very odd.
Last year, I was on the top layer of the Verrazano Narrows bridge. This year, I was on the lower level and was SO happy about this. Normally, I would want the top for photos. I do feel that being in the  middle blocked the wind, somewhat. I did see multiple people fall from strong wind gusts. I also dodged hats like I was in war. I cannot explain the wind - other than brutal....and I felt awful for those on the top of the bridge.
Check out those whitecaps!!!
Although the bridge was windy, I felt those miles went by very fast and we were in in Brooklyn before I knew it. This sign made me laugh. I was in an excellent mood going into Brooklyn. All smiles, high fiving everyone.
Last year, I felt Brooklyn would never end. Since I knew the course this year, I found myself truly enjoying every bit of Brooklyn and it was my favorite part of the race.
The locals truly supported the runners. Having the crowd support was amazing. Thank you Brooklyn.
Once again, I cried at mile 13. Last year, mine and my Dad's song (You've Got a Friend, James Taylor) started playing as I got to 13.1; I've since removed the song from my running playlist. This year, I used my downloaded music on Rhapsody and forgot about all the wedding music that was in there. I found myself doing the Wobble at one point of the 26.2 miles. The second I got to 13.1, our first dance song (The Story, Brandi Carlisle) started playing. I started getting choked up. I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and I saw this sign. My Dad's name was Brian and he was the worlds largest FL Gator fan. I was a blubbering idiot at that point but knew my Dad was there in spirit, cheering me on - just like the year before when I heard our song.
That sign gave me a second wind. I wasn't hurting too bad, my cardio felt great. While the wind was tough, I found that it was helping me push myself because I wanted it to be over with and get out of the wind. Plus I really really really wanted pizza.
Then I got to the Queensboro Bridge and I started to go downhill fast. So many people were walking up the bridge and I followed suit. It was difficult to try and run uphill around them. When it came time to go downhill, I ran and made up sometime but I spent too long walking and my famous right ankle started bothering me.
Once off of the Queensboro Bridge, we entered 1st Ave, which is the craziest part of the race. There are literally thousands of supporters out there. When you loop around to 1st Ave, you get hit by a roar of cheering. It's truly the most amazing thing you can witness as a runner. I was feeling rough and needed all the help I could get.
At mile 18, I found a medic tent because I was in dire need of biofreeze for my ankle. I sadly found out that they had none on the course. My ankle was not doing well and I started having thoughts of not being able to finish. That's when I realized I hit the wall, 4 miles earlier than I normally hit it. From that point on, I was in an awful mood. I didn't take any photos. From The Bronx through Harlem, I didn't smile for any marathonfotos. Luckily, my bib was in hiding so I don't have to see the bad pics. 5th Avenue seemed to go on forever and I couldn't wait to get into Central Park. Even when we made the turn, I was still the grumpy runner. It wasn't until I got onto Columbus Avenue that I started smiling again - because I knew the end was a few hundred meters away.
At least I was smiling at the finish line!
I wish I took my sunglasses off in this photo - but if you read my one goal on my ASICS bio, it was to finish the race in daylight - which I did! My made my goal 5:30 due to the lack of training with the wedding and honeymoon. I switched my goal to sub 6 when I realized the wind would be playing a major factor on race day. I came in at 5:50:33 and couldn't be happier.

Make sure you go say hi to my new friends:

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My running/blogging journey has taken me very far over the past three years and has granted me many wonderful opportunities - but nothing could prepare me for the experience I had at the 2014 TCS NYC Marathon. I am beyond grateful and blessed to have been part of the ASICS blogger team. Even though the weekend has come and gone, I still have a hard time believing this was real life. Thank you ASICS for an epic weekend and for bringing together new friends.
And finally - the ASICS bloggers recreating the Abbey Road pose.


  1. This is awesome! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You should be so proud of yourself! My favorite sign was "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 26.2" hahah perfect!

    1. Thank you so much Erin!! I LOVED that sign - then I got Taylor Swift stuck in my head. :)

  2. How super cool!! I hope to one day do that marathon, it's on my bucket list!!

    Congrats you did great!!

    1. I really hope you get in the 2015 Lottery!!!! BEST race ever.

  3. How amazing!!! Congrats on your finish. I can't wait to run this one next year. I hope it's not as windy though. You guys had it pretty rough.


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