Savory and Spice pairing at Maritana Grille at Lowes Don CeSar and a Cyber Monday deal

Friday, November 21, 2014
When two foodie mecca's in St. Petersburg partner up, you better be prepared to be wowed.  Maritana Grille at Loews Don CeSar teamed up with Savory Spice Shop of St. Pete and created a spectacular tasting menu which features four-courses. The "Savory and Spice" tasting highlights exotic spices and offers a diverse selection of both seafood and beef.  Each diner has an option of two items for the four courses. There is also a wine pairing option available. Gabe and I had a chance to check out the new "Savory and Spice" menu the other night and we couldn't have been more impressed.

Savory & Spice First Course
Jamon Iberico or Marlin
marlin sashimi
The Marlin Sashimi was as delicious as it was stunning in presentation. Topped with lotus root and a pomegranate sorbet. The flavors complemented each other well. The spices used from Savory Spice Shop were thai chilies and coconut oil. This dish was paired with Vincent Delaporte Sauvignon Blanc 2012.
jamon iberico
Don't let looks fool you - the Jamon Iberico was one of the highlights of our meal. Ibérico Jamón from Spain is valued at $100 a lb and is considered by many to be the finest cured ham in the world. The spices used from Savory Spice Shop were Melina international Organic Olive Oil and Lemon Grass. It was truly amazing. This dish was paired with Champalou Chenin Blanc, 2011.

Savory & Spice Second Course
Diver Scallop & Palmetto Creek Pork
diver scallop & ox tail ravioli
When I first received the tasting menu, this was the dish that excited me the most. A seared diver scallop over a deconstructed ox tail “ravioli” with shaved truffle. The spices used from Savory Spice Shop were Italian Black truffle sea salt and Porcini Mushroom. This dish lasted all about 3 seconds on our plate. It was every bit amazing as I imagined it would be. This dish was paired with Crabby Range Proprietary Blend, 2011.
palmetto creek pork with pumpkin gnocchi
The locally raised Palmetto Creek Pork with Pumpkin Gnocchi was also a home run. This dish had Quince, Pumpkin Spice and Star Anise in it and was full of flavor. The spices used from Savory Spice Shop were pumpkin spice and star anise. One thing that impressed me was that the dish wasn't overly pumpkin. So many times, pumpkin will overtake all the other flavors but not the case here, it had just the right amount. This dish was paired with Joel Gott Zinfandel, 2011.

Savory & Spice Third Course
Anderson Ranch Lamb Rack & Sea Bass
sea bass with rice grits
This dish. WOW. Perfectly seared sea bass over anson mills "rice grits" with saffron, asparagus, chard tomato and a lemon verbena sauce. The spices used from Savory Spice Shop were saffron and maldon sea salt. Every bite was better than the next and we found ourselves fighting over the last bite. Of all the dishes we had this night, the Sea Bass was my favorite. This dish was paired with Antica Chardonnay, 2009.
anderson ranch lamb rack
Our last entree course of the night was an Anderson Ranch Lamb Rack with fiji apple, foraged mushrooms, glace onions and a sherry sauce. The spices used from Savory Spice Shop were fennel pollen and maldon sea salt. I loved the addition of the apples to this dish. This dish was paired with Orogeny Pinot Noir, 2011.

Savory & Spice Third Course
Artisan Cheese & Frozen Espresso Parfait
frozen espresso parfait
The Frozen espresso parfait was pretty amazing. I was pretty full at this time and only had one bite but the spiced hot chocolate was the perfect touch to this dish. The spices used from Savory Spice Shop were hot chile cocoa and coffee extract. This dish was paired with Broadbent Maderia. 
artisan cheese
When we were in Europe a few months ago, I noticed many restaurants offered a cheese plate for dessert. It didn't make sense to me, until now. Cheese at the end of a meal is very satisfying. Especially if you don't have a sweet tooth like me. The almonds were coated in a truffle glaze - oh my wow. The four cheeses were accompanied by a rose petal jam. Although we were full, this dish got cleaned. The spices used from Savory Spice Shop were rose petal and wild flower honey.

The new tasting menu is just the start of a long-term partnership between Loews Don CeSar and Savory Spice Shop St. Pete. The two are planning to host a series of specialty dinners in Maritana Grille in 2015, as well as cooking demonstrations, culinary tours and more. When you book your table, ask to be seated with CeSar, Maritana Grille's famous Eel.
CeSar the EEL at Maritana Grill
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  1. I'm seriously going to book on Cyber Monday - staying at Don CeSar was so wondering during our anniversary and I'd like to do the same thing in 2015! Also, I'm going to Maritana the Sunday after Thanksgiving, can't wait!!!


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