Introducing Caffeinated Club Soda - Soda Water with a twist

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
I will be the first to admit, I am a monster if I do not have caffeine. When Gabe and I did our wedding diet cleanse a few months ago, I thought the hardest thing to let go would be sugar and wine - was caffeine. On a daily basis, I do not consume a ton of caffeine. I drink a cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of tea in the afternoon. Sometimes I go wild child and drink TWO cups of tea in a day! While I am far from an 8 cup of coffee a day person, caffeine is something that I must have on a daily basis.
There have been mornings when I wake up and do not want coffee, opting for something more refreshing. I am not a soda drinker so that limits my options and I try to avoid overly sugary products. Another problem I have with coffee is that it is inconvenient. Waiting for it to brew, not being able to drink right away because of the temperature and of course, the dreaded coffee breath.

When Caffeinated Club Soda asked me to try out their line of club soda infused with caffeine, I knew I would fall in love.  Caffeinated Club Soda has about the same caffeine as an equivalent serving of Coca Cola. Here is what you will not find in Caffeinated Club Soda: Calories, sugars, colors and artificial sweeteners.

This drink comes in multiple flavors: Caffeinated Club® Clear Club Soda Caffeinated Club® Lemon Club Soda Caffeinated Club® Orange Grapefruit Club Soda Caffeinated Club® Raspberry Club Soda. Wile I didn't get a chance to try this one - Caffeinated Club® just came out with Super Tonic!
Another thing Caffeinated Club® is the perfect for - mixing with vodka. For years now, my go to drink of choice is vodka, soda water and a splash of cranberry. I hope one day that Caffeinated Club Soda will create a cranberry flavor! Talk about the best of both worlds!! Plus caffeinated club uses only triple filtered water for a crisper beverage with a cleaner aftertaste.

I was fortunate to receive two cases of Caffeinated Club Soda for this review. I am going to give one case to my parents since they go through club soda like it's nobody's business. You can order Caffeinated Club Soda online and shipping is FREE anywhere in the continental US.

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