Wedding Hangover Welcome Bags

Thursday, November 13, 2014
I was provided with partial product for this post. As always all opinions are my own

I did a post a while back about our wedding welcome bags and today I am showing you the final product. I wanted to personalize everything and make our guests get in the spirit and make sure they were taken care of the day after our big day. We used our save the date image for the sticker on the bag and included everything one may need for the morning after.
We purchased personalized plastic mason jars in our wedding colors and gave each guest one. I left a letter for each guests with recommendations on restaurants, bars and activities based on their interests. For instance, Gabe's grandmother got different recommendations than my party animal friends.
My father in law created the personalized maps - he gave me half of them ahead of time and I forgot them in Tampa, so I had to print out others in black and white, as seen above. My friend Jen took the photo below and you can see the color full size maps.
When we first got to NOLA, my Mom and I headed out to get small airplane sized bottles of Vodka for the bags. Little did we know, up until June, mini bottles of alcohol were illegal in New Orleans?! The city who has drive through bars was not permitted to carry 50ml bottles of alcohol. I cannot tell you all how much this stressed me out. We had everything for bloody mary's in the bags with no vodka. We ended up finding small (but larger than 50ml) bottles at a gas station and bought all of them. Thankfully the labels still worked.
In the bags were morning after necessities:
Zing Zang bloody mary mix
Blowfish for Hangover Relief
Pretzel Crisps Everything Flavor
Haribo Gummy Bears (my favorite candy)
Snickers (Gabe's favorite candy)
Mardi Gras beads (just because)
People are still talking about how much fun they had at the wedding, so I did something right! Many thanks to Zing Zang, Blowfish and Pretzel Crisps for contributing towards these amazing bags.

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