Why you should get a Balcony Room on a Cruise

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
In January, I went on my 10th cruise aboard the Carnival Sensation. We were there to celebrate my best friends first Marathon. It was an amazing time, mixed with relaxation and partying for her 26.2 mile achievement. One thing both of us realized is that we will never again be able to go on a cruise without a balcony state room.
Our balcony room was a 185 SF double twin room. While 185 SF may seem small, we easily fit three girls into this room during my Bacherlorette Cruise last year.
We used to book the cheapest possible rate out there and spend the least amount of time in our room. Having a balcony room allowed us to spend time relaxing vs. consistently on the go.
The week we went on our cruise was beautiful, which gave us the most spectacular nightly sunsets. Since we opted for anytime dining, we found ourselves at dinner every night after the sun went down. 
Carnival allows guests to bring on one bottle of wine per person so naturally, we brought our favorite wine, Landmark Vineyards Chardonnay. Prior to the cruise, we picked up up a few cute plastic wine glasses and brought our own bottle opener. This way we could have our wine with a view.
I brought my portable bluetooth speaker with me and we were able to listen to Taylor Swift 1989 on repeat, drink our wine and watch the sunset. Many apologies to our neighbors who I am sure never want to hear T-Swift ever again. This was the perfect girls getaway.
Having a balcony room lets you get away from the hustle and bustle and feel like you have your own personal outdoor oasis. Since we had just ran a marathon a few days prior and needed to relax, this was the perfect environment for both of us. If we didn't have the balcony room, we would have found ourselves sitting at a table watching the sunset but not truly enjoying it.
Along with taking multiple drink selfies, we also took quite a few ship selfies from our balcony, including a "sister ship" as we quickly nicknamed the vessel.  
Without a doubt, spending the extra money on a balcony room is worth the expense. It changed our entire outlook on cruises and really upped the overall experience.

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