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Wednesday, September 2, 2015
September? How on earth is it September? While many locations throughout the US are starting to see the signs of Fall, those of us in FL are still looking at many weeks of humidity in our future. The past few weeks have been brutal here - 100% humidity mixed with constant rain equals weather which feels like it's in the 110's. This impacts breathing on long runs and quite frankly, I am sick of running with what feels like a refrigerator strapped to my chest. One thing I have had to do is being sure to properly hydrate. I do not recall last year or the year prior being anything like this (I've lived in FL my whole life). To say I am looking forward to cooler temps is a slight understatement!!

Heat and humidity aside, September is going to be an amazing month. For one, my husband and I will be celebrating our one year wedding anniversary at the end of the month! This means marathon training at sea during our anniversary cruise aboard the Carnival Sunshine. That means I get extra visits Guy's Burger Joint, right? This will not be my first time spending a big vacation marathon training (see: marathon training on your honeymoon).
On a side note - did you see the newly released ASICS Gel Kayano 22? I am slightly obsessed with the Lite Show (top left photo above)! I am super excited to try out the Kayano 22 - be sure to look out for a review over the next month. Check out a few of the men's options below, I may be able to convert my husband to an ASICS boy after all:
So my September Marathon plan via the myASICS app is below. The plan I have from Coach Kastor is a bit different from this one with more long runs on the weekends. I will do a mix between Coach Kastors plan and the one below (especially during the week of our anniversary cruise).

Week 1:
Day's 1-5 are easy. Not much to report on this week. I will add in some yoga for running and some extra cross fit. In a side note, when we were in New Orleans two weeks ago, I broke a 5K PR on the treadmill. I am a proud turtle runner and have never broken a 30 minute PR yet after 3 years of running, I finally did it.

Week 2:
The big difference between this week and my plan from Coach Kastor is that one says a 6.5 comfortable run on Sunday vs. the other which has me doing 10 miles with 4-5 at goal marathon pace (11 minute mile). I will be traveling on Wednesday and Thursday this week so I will need to adjust my "days off".

Week 3:
Ugh. While I have finished 4 half marathons, I loathe training runs over 14 miles. I can handle it when you have thousands of people cheering you on, running with peers and collecting a medal at the end. However, running in your neighborhood for this long is not fun. Days like this, I listen to audio books (we recently finished Girl on the Train) or mixing up my music with ASICS #GoRunIt playlist on Spotify. Week 3 is on par with what my previous weeks have looked like with the exception of Sunday the 13th. My plan with Coach Kastor wants me to do 16-17 miles. Oye.

Week 4:
I feel like a broken record. Same thing for this week as the last 3. Instead of 15.5 miles on the 20th, Coach Kastor wants me to do 18-19 miles.

Finally week 5:
I started this screen shot on September 27th, which is our one anniversary and the day we leave on our 5 night cruise. I will be blogging about tips on marathon training on a cruise. It seems myASICS was thinking ahead when they planned this weekend. Coach Kastor was nice with an 8 mile run on October 1st vs. 4.5 miles. I will be sure we get our mileage in this week.

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