10 tips for Marathon Training while on a cruise #CruisingCarnival

Wednesday, October 7, 2015
You guys, I leave for Ireland 2 weeks from tomorrow!!! I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that the Dublin Marathon is less than 3 weeks away. My husband and I returned home on Friday after being at sea for 5 nights on board the amazing Carnival Sunshine for our 1st year anniversary trip. The Sunshine was by far the best cruise I have been on.
I have had to learn how to marathon training while traveling. Between being on the road for work and a few getaways, my training schedule had to be modified. While working, it is likely I will have dinners following work and will not get home until after a 12 hour day at work. I am not a morning person, no matter how hard I have tried. My once least favorite word, Treadmill, became my best friend.
10 tips for Marathon Training on a Cruise
  1. Create a training schedule before you depart, Print it out and bring it with you. Prior to leaving, you will be aware of your itinerary by choosing which days you will run/workout/stretch, etc. Tape this on your mirror so you see it everyday to keep yourself accountable. 
  2. Room Service: Order room service on days you are training. Set your breakfast for 45 minutes prior to your workout. The room service attendants will be sure you are served (they called my room 4x) therefor, you are sure to wake up. Speaking of room service, while you are able to order from a limited menu, they have a runners smorgasbord. My favorite: bagels and you can write in a request for peanut butter!!! Include bananas, honey and other runner happy items are available! If you bring on protein shake powder, be sure to get your milk of choice.  
  3. ALWAYS Take the stairs. Let's face it, cruises have a lot of things you can cheat on. Between boat drinks and 24-7 eats, you are likely to gain a few pounds on a cruise. The stairs will help, trust me. 
  4. Scout out the gym or running track prior to the first run. While I LOVED the Carnival Sunshine, the outdoor track ran around the kids camp section (which we were frequent visitors to, hello giant twister and Putt-Putt!). I decided to do my training on a treadmill. Thankfully Carnival has Lifesfitness machines and I ran the Grand Canyon while at sea. 
  5. Bring ziplock bags and ask your room Stewart to bring plenty of ice. If you ask nicely, they will bring a plastic bucket of ice, twice daily to your room. Make yourself ice packs after doing your training run - and reward yourself with a trip to the hot tub, with a margarita in hand :) 
  6. Schedule a Yoga class - cruises have multiple classes which you can take part of. A nice stretch at sea is a wonderful treat.
  7. If you have a long run scheduled, carb load with Italian food. If you don't see anything on the menu, ask your server if there is anything they can offer you (tell them you are training for a marathon). On the Carnival Sunshine, we were lucky enough to have an Italian Restaurant onboard. I will be sharing my review from there shortly!
  8. HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE. Carnival recently changed their beverage policy and by doing so, they will allow you to pre-purchase a 12 pack of water for $2.99 prior to boarding. We bought two cases and were sure to drink our water. 
  9. RELAX don't do it, when you want to go to it: Cruises can be overwhelming. You can overdo it and need a vacation from your vacation. Take an hour out of each day to relax, however you see fit. I am not a napper - in fact, I only nap when I am sick. However, I took a nap each day of our cruise and I finally felt relaxation. The Serenity deck on Carnival is a great option for those not wanting to sleep at sea. 
  10. Book a massage! The spa's services available on the ship are amazing. They have daily specials, especially during days at sea.

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