Packing for an international marathon #GoRunIt and a Coach Kastor twitter chat

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
You guys, we leave for Dublin in TWO days. If you saw my bedroom floor right now, you'd think my dryer exploded. I finally broke down tonight and built my packing list, referencing the one I built for runDinsey Dopey Challenge. PS using an excel Spreadsheet for your international packing list is your new BFF.

Pack for all types of weather. If there is one thing I learned from the NYC Marathon in 2014, weather can change at the blink of an eye. This doesn't mean I haven't stalked Dublin's forecast since the 10 day forecast came out. As of today, we are facing 70% chance of rain, a low of 40 and a high of 50. Yikes. However, that could very well change when I am over there so I do not want to pack for the rain. This means - I have 3 options of outfits.  

Pack for the unexpected
If you are overseas, you will want to pack for the unexpected to happen.
Band-aids of all sizes
Whatever protein bars you train with
Your favorite Epson salts for baths
Bio freeze
Tylenol for before and during; Ibuprofen for after
Instant Ice Packs
Ladies - tampons (you never know)
Compression Sleeves for post race flights or long drives
Anything and everything you need for race day. You have no idea if the expo has what you need. Be sure to have your energy supplements,
Water belt - something I am taking to Dublin. There are 3+ mile stretches with no water stops. I am accustom to a water stop every 1-2 miles.

If it's raining
I learned a hard lesson by running a half in the rain - do not wear long pants. The water hiting the bottom of my pants drove me bananas. Your socks will get wet either way. If it is a 70% chance of rain, I will wear capris and bring my storm shelter rain jacket, layering arm sleeves and a tank. In my suitcase sits a roll of trash bags to keep my shoes dry and a dry place to sit prior to the start (something I learned from NYC Marathon last year).
Dublin Marathon Option 1

If it's Cold and Windy
The 2014 NYC Marathon was record breaking wind. It was beyond cold for this poor FL girl and I did the smart thing by layering during that event. Although it was very cold, you warm up in 26.2 miles and need to layer. This is why I love arm sleeves - you can tie them around your running belt. You can do the same with a jacket. Be sure to have something to cover your ears!!
Dublin Marathon Option 2

If it's a beautiful day at 50 degrees
As a FL girl, I find myself layering in 60 degrees . I fell in love with the Fit Sana Jacket. The back has this adorable cut out with a mesh liner. It's got breathable windows all over. 
Dublin Marathon Option 3


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  1. Have a good journey over! I read your blog regularly and don't usually comment but I have to as you are coming to Dublin in a couple of days and I live and work nearby. I'm not running Dublin this year (I ran a smaller marathon just over two weeks ago!) but many of my friends are so I'll be up there cheering and hoping to spot you :)
    Try not to obsess about the weather's always wrong here as we are so influenced by weather systems coming in from all sides so adopting a zen attitude about it is the way to go.
    It's an amazing race and I'm getting kind of emotional now about missing out this year so enjoy it!


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