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Wednesday, October 28, 2015
On the last night of our one year wedding anniversary aboard the beautiful Carnival Sunshine, my husband and I finally got to dine at Ji Ji Asian Kitchen. We attempted nightly to score reservations at this popular hot spot and very glad we did.

So far I have written about our dinners at Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse and Cucina del Capitano. As I have mentioned, we chose the enhanced dining options the other nights and left very impressed. It was a little more intimate and we had incredible meals every night.

I would suggest booking at Ji Ji when you get on board, vs. what we did and attempting the reservation the day of. We tried three different days and could only select the final night at sea with an advance reservation. It was well worth the wait. Ji Ji's concept was featuring dishes from all around Asia, each unique in their own style. The cost is $15 a person and includes an appetizer, entree and dessert.


Slow Raised Pork Belly:
Caramel Chili sauce with black vinegar, Pomelo citrus fruit, Chinese chives with gorgonzola, spiced purple onions. I would eat this every single day if possible.

Nanjing-Style Duck:
Nanjing duck dates back over 1400 years. Carnival slow cooks the duck then flash fries it in a wok. It was served with mango fritters and was absolutely delicious.


Singapore Chili Shrimp:
This was a take on the popular dish sold by Singapore street vendors. Shrimp in a sweet, spicy, chili sauce. It was full of flavor! We chose Himalayan Basmati Fried rice with chicken as the side to this dish.

Bo Kho Slow Braised Wagyu Beef Short Rib:
This was the fourth short rib dish we had on the cruise but I couldn't turn down Wagyu. This short rib was very good. I loved the watermelon radish and overall freshness of the dish. We chose Hakka Style noodles to accompany this dish.


Rose Creme Brulee with ginger ice cream. I 110% fell in love with this creme brulee. It was incredible. The fragarant rose mixed with the spiced ginger were a perfect match.

We also had Fried Wonton wrapped lychee fruit with tapioca pearls and coconut milk. The picture turned out awful so I don't want to post it. This was Gabe's dessert (I am not a coconut girl) and he enjoyed it.

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