2nd Annual Cuban Sandwich Festival Ybor City

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hi friends!! WORDS  cannot express my excitement right now. I have been named an official judge of Ybor City's 2nd Annual Cuban Sandwich Festival! This annual event is taking place on May 30th from 10:30 - 5:30 at Centennial Park, 1800 8th Ave, Tampa.

As a 2nd year Ybor resident, I take high pride in the Cuban Sandwich and have turned into quite the snob regarding the delicious meaty, crispy  buttery pressed sandwich (bring on the pickles, leave the tomatoes). Check out this video for more information on the event. Join us and you will enjoy live cultural musical and dance performances along with 50 Latino Food, Art and Cultural Exhibitors! Attendees will be able to try sample platters provided by the competing vendors to Vote on the Popular Vote Category through a texting Vote method. Admission is FREE! (but come early, it will be busy)!
On Saturday afternoon, along with many high profile Tampa Bay personalities, I will judge who has the best Cuban Sandwich in Tampa. Seeing the restaurants in contention slightly  makes my brain hurt. This Ybor girl can proudly state I have already experienced about half of the Cuban Sandwiches on the lineup!

Since I take photos of pretty much everything I eat, I figured I would share a few contestants showing up this weekend. Starting off with the second place runner up, Stone Soup, from the 2012 (I hate to claim I have never experienced a Cuban from the grand winner, Michelle Faedo)!

Stay tuned to hear who the takes home the rights of the best Cuban Sandwich from the home of Cuban Sandwiches!

Stone Soup, 2nd place Traditional Winner:
A few of the other contestants I have visited that are part of the festival:

The Floridian: 


  1. Congrats to you for being named a judge! That is a feat you deserve for sure!! Can I call you Celebrity Megan from now on? ;)

    I have had Michelle Faedo's Cuban and you are in for a treat. It's easily one of the best I've ever had. It's no surprise that she is known for that. I'm a cuban sandwich expert (my family is cuban and has been making different cubans for decades upon decades) so I'm VERY interested in seeing who wins.

  2. Yayy!! So awesome! I agree with you about tomatoes-that is not an authentic topping-neither is lettuce! Please be sure to tell this to any of the restaurants that commit that cuban sin tomorrow. I beg of you. Tried the Floridian one last year and loved it...I also agree that Michelle Faedo's is awesome! I grew up on those bad boys...I so wish I could help you judge! I know you are going to rock it :)


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