What's in your fitness closet?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Friend and fellow Fit Fluential Ambassador, Pavement Runner, started a post so we could get a peak inside of one another's fitness closets! This scared me - I am not the most organized person. I knew going into this I would not be able to find every one of my race shirts and it would take me 10 minutes to find all four pairs of my CEP sleeves. One and a half hour later, sweating, panting and frustrated at my disorganized drawers, I ended up with an idea of what is inside of my #FitnessCloset

Let's start with my Race Shirts and as I mentioned above, not all of them made it into this shot. In fact, two of them were given to goodwill (races I want no memory of). In my total collection, 5 of these shirts are runDisney (Princess Tangled 5K 2012, Expedition Everest 2012, Tower of Terror 2012, Disney World Half Marathon 2013, runDisney 20th Anniversary shirt - Marathon Meetup). Two of these shirts are from the Rock n Roll Marathon Series (St. Pete and New Orleans). The remainder are from various 5K's, 10K's and charity runs.
Running Shorts - this is when I knew I had a problem. Every time I go to the store, I instantly go to check out running shorts. Yet as you can clearly see, I do not need another pair of running shorts (especially since a few didn't make it into this shot). I prefer Nike 2-In-1 Tempo Running Shorts above all others. I own 4 pairs of shorts in this style. Since I live in FL, the majority of my bottoms are shorts - I only wear capris a few times out of the year and I do not own a single pair of running pants. In this photo, I have 10 pairs of running shorts and 3 pairs of compression shorts, more than half of the collection is Nike.
Running Skirts / Race costumes - Yes, that is a Minnie Mouse skirt and a Jessie from Toy Story skirt you see. I am a runDisney girl, so I always dress up for the race. Along with my two costume skirts, I also have a red and green Sparkle Skirt, a black Rock n Roll Marathon Series skirt  by Brooks and a pink skirt by Kyodan (which I honestly forgot I owned until this project).
Moving onto my Shoes & CEP sleeves. My primary long distance shoe is ASICS Gel Nimbus 14. I keep my ASICS Gel Nimbus 13's at my Mom's house in case of emergency. For shorter runs, I switch between the Saucony Virrata and Brooks PureDrift. The Reebok Zig's are my gym shoes. I own 4 pairs of CEP Compression Sleeve, green, pink, blue and black. My undergarments are not  making an appearance - my sock drawer is a mess and I just am not in a sports bra sharing kinda mood.

Tank Tops: This looks so much better in real life than this photo turned out. So much for the saying your clothes look better on the floor. So I have about 25 running tank tops. I mean, really, who needs that many shirts?! Again, Nike was the clear winner in this group, all of the shirts on the right are Nike, the ones on the left are various other brands. I do not run in short sleeves, if it is cold outside, I wear my Arm Sleeves. Again - I'm a FL girl. The only long sleeve running shirt I own is my 2013 Walt Disney World Half Marathon shirt.

This was fun! I actually got to clean out my dreaded workout drawer that is always overflowing. Not to mention, I can never find anything so I continue to wear the same three outfits over and over again.

Head on over to Pavement Runners site to check out what is in other Fit Fluential Ambassadors fitness closets!


  1. Love your race costumes and I'm jealous of your CEP sleeves, I've always wanted to try those instead of the full sock!

    1. Hi Krista! You should try the CEP sleeves out for sure. I am so finicky with my socks so this was the best choice for me.

  2. Lol! This post is too cute for words!!!! I love all your skirts and fun shorts! And I have seen your closet...this definitely needed to be done...haha :).


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