The Table Creekside Brunch

Thursday, March 21, 2013
While in Sarasota for the First Watch Half Marathon, we rewarded our run with a brunch at The Table Creekside. I have heard wonderful things about their brunch and was very excited to finally check it out.

The Table Creekside offers a brunch trio for $20 which allows you to get three small plates of their brunch options along with a bloody mary or mimosa. If you are like me and always have a hard time selecting one item from the brunch menu, than this is the perfect place for you sit back and have an amazing meal. Table Creekside also specializes in custom-infused cocktails which I was looking forward to after our run.

Gabe and I started off with the Smoked Bacon Vodka bloody mary. As you know, I am a huge fan of everything bacon. This bloody mary was perfect and the bacon salt rim really stepped it up a notch.
Since we were getting a brunch trio, I normally wouldn't have ordered a starter. Yet when I looked on the menu, I saw Steak & Eggs in the appetizer section. Steak and Eggs isn't something you would normally see on a starter menu and after reading the description, I promptly ordered it and we devoured it. Steak & Eggs, Kobe beef carpaccio, radish mignonette, crispy quail eggs.

When it was time to pick our three dishes, I had a hard time selecting just three. I ended up ordering Short Rib Benedict (mushroom ragout, Nueske's potato hash and foie gras hollandaise), French Toast Panini (Washington apples, argentinian caramel, brie, candied bacon crisp) and Puebla Egg Crepe (organic chicken, smoked manchego, heirloom romesco). Of the three, I really enjoyed the Short Rib Benedict. The Egg crepe was very good and I loved the romesco.  
The French toast panini was too sweet for my taste but I was obsessed with the candied bacon.  

Gabe also ordered the Short Rib Benedict along with Shrimp and Grits (tasso gravy, Key West pink shrimp, creamy grits) and Mediterranean Lamb Frittata (goat cheese, spinach, angel hair, heirloom pepper sofrito). I will pledge under oath that the shrimp and grits at The Table Creekside were the best Shrimp and Grits I have ever had in my life - and my family is from South Carolina. The lamb frittata was good but did not stand up to the shrimp and grits. 

While we were eating, I had to try out another hand crafted cocktail which caught my eye - the TANTRA, a martini with house infused cucumber vodka, cucumber water, aloe vera juice. It was so refreshing and delicious. I could have honestly drank myself into a coma with this cocktail. I am a huge fan of cucumber in my cocktails and this one was above and beyond. 

The food and drinks surpassed my expectations at The Table Creekside. The ambiance both inside and outside of the restaurant was amazing. I wanted to sit there all day, enjoying this beautiful view. 

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  1. love their brunch

  2. This place is beyond words! one of the best!

  3. That Tantra martini sounds killer!

  4. Omg Megan....I don't even know where to begin!!!! Steak and eggs made with kobe carpaccio? Heck yes!!! The braised short rib Benedict with Foie? Shrinp n grits with tasso??? Oh lord almighty. Dude, I am in love with this place and I haven't event been there yet!


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