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Friday, March 1, 2013
When Gabe and I booked our trip to NOLA, the very first place I made reservations at was Restaurant August. I have been a fan of Chef John Besh for a very long time.  I was super excited to check out his signature restaurant in NOLA.

We went to August for lunch and took advantage of their prix fixe menu. $20.13 for a three course meal. You cannot find a better deal in NOLA. I took a seat in this beautiful restaurant and promptly ordered a Pisco Sour, which was the perfect start to our vacation.
The prix fixe menu had two different options for a starter, entree and dessert. We decided to get one of each so we could try out a few different things.

I ordered the Pate Of Local Pork house made pickles and marmalade's with toasted brioche. Seriously delicious. The marmalade's were to die for, my favorite being the apple pear.
Gabe ordered the salad of Ponchatoula strawberries and chevre (arugula, pistachio butter and aged balsamic). The pistachio butter was incredible and the strawberries were perfectly ripe. It is officially strawberry season!
To cleanse our palates, we received a cauliflower custard which was better than words can describe. I couldn't imagine a cauliflower custard tasting good but this was insanity.

For our entree's, I ordered the yam and ricotta cavatelli (brussel sprouts, duck confit and black trumpet mushrooms). The duck was very moist and paired perfectly with the yam.
Gabe ordered the Gulf sheepshead poêlé (pumpkin custard, pearl barley, and brown butter). It was beautifully presented and the pearl barley was awesome. The brown butter sauce was perfection.
For dessert, I ended up going for the dark chocolate hazelnut tart with almond and satsuma ice cream. It was almost too pretty to eat. Eating the tart alone was a little intense but a bite with everything included was pure magic.
Gabe ordered the Ponchatoula strawberry consommé with elderflower and creole cream cheese. It was topped with tapioca pearls. I preferred Gabe's dessert to mine as it was much lighter after a heavy lunch.
I loved my dining experience at Restaurant August. It was extra special sitting at a table facing Chef Besh's James Beard award. Restaurant August was nominated for best overall restaurant in James Beards's 2013 lineup and I can see why. I was overly impressed with the presentation of each food. I almost felt like I was eating art. I will be returning to Restaurant August in future trips to the big easy.

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  1. Another delicious restaurant experience. I'm so jealous. That pisco sour looks fabulous, and I totally want to try a cauliflower custard!


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